Adapting To a Changing Marketing Environment

By: Lina Stakauskaite

Every industry is constantly changing and marketing is no different. If you think about it you used to pick up the phone to call a customer, now you write them an email. You would sign a contract with pen and paper and now it's all digital, an email, a virtual signature and a return email.

Some companies find it hard to make the necessary changes, they are set in their ways which have worked for them for so many years, but it's time to start embracing that change.

Companies aren't trading locally or nationally anymore, it's a global market where you can have customers from anywhere in the world. Services are constantly updating and you need to start taking advantage of these new changes to make a success of your business.

Look at the Past

Before you can embrace change and start making any changes you need to look back at the past few years. What were the business trends a few years ago and how did your business grow?

Now look at the future opportunities and how you can improve that growth rate and how trends in the industry have changed dramatically.

You need to be willing to accept the change in order to achieve success.

Head to the Future

There are four ways you can embrace change and make a difference to your business and the first is to understand the new services available and see how you can take advantage of them.

Using this information it's time you amend your business plan to incorporate the new ways to push your business forward, set goals and write up exactly how you intend to improve your average annual growth rate and achieve success.

One of the first things most companies do these days when they start up is design a website, chances are if you have been running for a while you already have a website. Is your website user friendly? Can you navigate it easily? Does it offer all your products with informative descriptions?

Take some time to concentrate on your website, redesign it if necessary to appeal to your target audience and make an impression on anyone that stops there.

Other adaptations that need to be made is promotion of your website, this is often achieved through social media and blogs. Using search engine optimization to improve business visibility and reach your target audience;

Remember while you may not be keen on the change, using search engine optimization and online resources is much cheaper than the old fashioned tele-ads, helping you reduce expenditure.

A good way to embrace change and make the move from pen and paper to technology is to network with other businesses worldwide, see how they have managed the change. Don't be shy to ask questions, networking is a great way to learn the new industry trends and find new suppliers and customers.

Networking has quickly become one of the most essential business tools and staying updated in the industry can help you make the changes necessary to achieve success.

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