Acupuncture and the Reasons We like It

By: Yvonne Rogers

The popularity of 針灸 is explained by really impressive results of this method. Letís consider in details the notion of 鍼灸.

The Historical Background of 鍼灸
針灸 is one of the most ancient in the world it appeared long ago and the legend says that it was discovered by a soldier. He suffered from terrible backaches and once he got a punch spear in his foot. After that punch the pain stopped and later the soldier checked that method and punched his foot when wanted to stop the backache and every time it worked. Thus that interesting method of treatment appeared and was called 鍼灸. Its main idea is to influence the biologically active points of our body. Every point is connected with some organ and thus when it is irritated the organ is influenced. 針灸 can stop pain very quickly and thatís why was considered like a kind of a miracle.

Positive sides of 鍼灸
As every method of alternative medicine, 鍼灸 has many positive sides. Quite often people come to 鍼灸院 when the doctors from the nearest hospital canít help them. Thatís why the decease is quite deserted and the difficult task arises in front of 針灸. So it is better to consult the specialist from 鍼灸院 earlier, just you have learnt that you are ill and have problems with your health. They say that young people are recovered faster than older ones and that the by-effect is minimized. Many kinds of illnesses like arthritis, various spasms and different forms of paralysis can be recovered with 針灸. If you suffer from different kinds of pain, 鍼灸院 is really a good way out for you. The person of any age and social group can find some help there. Doctors will make massage and use needles that will do no pain but will for sure help you with your problem.

Negative Sides of 鍼灸
It is a pity to say but 鍼灸 has also negative sides. The representatives of 針灸院 that are all over the world will tell you if you can be helped with that very kind of decease you have. For example cancer and other kinds of tumor can be stimulated by 鍼灸, so you have to choose another method of alternative treatment to help you.

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So">鍼灸 is an effective method of treatment that was used by doctors many years ago and it still remains popular and very helpful."> 鍼灸院 It was invented in China and is widely used in oriental medicine in Japan, Korea etc. In USA, Canada and other countries have their own 針灸院 that is visited by thankful patients.

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