Acoustic Guitar Lessons - FAQs of Beginners

By: Jesse Burns

As a guitar beginner, there are a lot of things you should know about the instrument. Please read on to discover the answers to the most frequently asked questions aspiring guitarists want to find out.

1. How many hours per week do I have to spend to practice guitar?

Full-time guitar students in music schools and universities usually devote as much as 20 hours a week to practice the instrument. But if you want to learn it on your own, the length of your weekly or daily practice time really depends on your goals and your desire to learn.

A healthy practice time for beginners is 30 minutes to an hour. Do it for for at least five times a week and you'll be okay.

2. How bad can a beginner's fingers hurt while practicing the guitar?

Your fingertips will really get sore during your first few days of practice. But in time, they will get calloused and you can no longer feel pain when you press the strings. Just keep practicing despite some little discomforts. They are only temporary.

3. Is the use of a pick necessary in learning to play guitar?

Not really. The use of a pick will depend on the type of music you want to play on the guitar. Certain types of music are best played with a pick while some don't. It's good if you know how to finger pick and use a pick at the same time. It enables you to accompany different types of music effectively.

4. Is it alright to learn guitar from online lessons or is it necessary for me to to hire a private tutor?

Both are just learning methods. Your decision to use any or both of them really depends on your learning ability and budget. If you find it comfortable to learn guitar online, so be it. But if you want to have someone who can lead you by the hand as you learn, hiring a tutor is a good idea. You can also combine both methods if you have lots of time to spend. Learning guitar online can be fun and rewarding. It also allows you to practice at your own time and pace. Just be sure to find a good website that offers step-step approach of teaching.

5. Which is better for a beginner - a nylon-stringed guitar or steel-stringed guitar?

In terms of playability and look, both are just the same. You can only see their differences when you touch the strings and produce sound with them.

Guitars with steel strings produce brighter sounds and they are best used for strumming or soloing. A nylon guitar on the other hand, produces a warmer, rounder tone that goes well the fingerpick style.

Your choice of guitar depends upon the type of music you want to accompany with it.

6. Is it okay to practice with an electric guitar?

If you already have an electric guitar and an amplifier at home, there's nothing wrong with using it in your practice sessions, although that instrument is a bit too advanced for a beginner like you.

But if you are still to trying to obtain a guitar for your learning sessions, buying an inexpensive acoustic guitar would be your best option. It allows you to learn the basics at a lower investment.

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