Acne Skin Care Regimen - Facial Wash

By: Gen Wright

Teenage life is already bad as it is but add some zits to your young teenager's life and it makes it a lot worse. They become subject of jokes and their friends would look at them differently. Some would feel disgusted while some just simply doesn't want to be seen with a zit-boy or a zit-girl so what can a parent do to save their teenagers from all these ? Get rid of acne !

Treating acne can be difficult, depending on your skin type and the stage of your acne. Teenagers usually have acne because of their hormones. It can go pretty wild during this stage of their life so it is next to impossible to prevent the formation of pimples. Teenagers experienced having at least 1 pimple during their teens while some get dozens of them at a time! So, in order to get rid of acne, they must know how to keep their skin clean and dry.

Teenagers should have a regimen for washing their face. They should not over-wash it as that would cause dryness. When the skin starts to feel dry, the body automatically think it needs to produce more sebum thus you end up getting an oilier face. The oilier your face is, the more chance that you'd get pimples and acne so make sure to keep your face dry but not too dry.

Wash your face only twice a day, once in the morning and once before bedtime. Use lukewarm water and a facial wash for your every wash. Lukewarm water opens up the pores so you could really clean your face. Make sure you have cool water too as that would be your final rinse. Cool water close up the pores. During the day, just make sure your face stays clean. Don't touch it with dirty hands and use oil-absorbing paper to remove excess oil. You may get rid of acne in no time if you do this.

However, acne is a condition that is different for everyone. Many people gets acne in their life, especially as a teen, but they don't have all the same factors causing acne. This is why it is recommended to use an acne treatment kit, where washing and cleansing is part of the process, but not the only thing you can rely on. Because everyone's skin is different and acne causes are different, an acne products kit should include cleansing, treating and protecting lotions or creams.

Also, some natural supplements are welcome. Indeed, these can be the difference with a successful treatment and a failing one. Remember a teen gets acne because of hormaonal changes inside their body, thus it is important to address this cause too, by fighting acne at its roots. Balancing the system and killing the bacteria from the inside could make the skin improve tremendously.

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