Acne Skin Care - Simple Steps To Excellent Solutions

By: Martin Haworth

The truth about acne skin care is that it needs to be incredibly gentle. Some sufferers have the instinct to scrub harder or use stronger soaps when the opposite is true. You see, acne skin care is a science.

Acne Treatment Is A Mix Of Techniques

The right mix of gentle chemicals and very gentle cleansers should offer you the solution you seek. For some, acne is a medical condition that needs to be treated by a dermatologist or physician. Though most of us are just doing the wrong things to our skin. From what we eat and drink to what we put on our skin, it can all affect our appearance and the success of the skin care regime we are using.

An acne treatment regimen should start with water. Plenty of water keeps you hydrated and gives your skin a good head start. Then of course, nutrition is an integral part of any acne skin care program. Basically all the things your mom always said you should eat, you should eat. Plenty of fruits and vegetables, lean protein and avoid chocolate. None of these foods will cure acne but they give your body the tools it needs to fight infection which can help your skin heal.

Some Things You Have To Consider in Your Treatment

Some situations like puberty or stress can be handled pro actively. While your kids are still young introduce them to an acne skin care program. It is easier to stop it before it happens rather than after. Just a simple gentle cleanser, teach them to keep their hands off their face and not to use regular bar soap on their faces.

Simple and not hard to do. This will not stop all blemishes. We all have to suffer through the occasional blemish no matter how hard we try, but avoiding popping pimples and thus spreading the bacteria will make a big difference, whatever you might think.

Makeup can be part of your acne skin care program. You can still enjoy many types of makeup without worrying about breakouts. It is really important that you remove your makeup before bed and make sure your face is clean before applying makeup, whilst using gentle chemicals with a gentle cleanser.

Skin Care Chemicals - What You Must Know

One of these gentle chemicals you could consider including include in your acne treatment is 2% salicylic acid. There are many products on the market that contain this chemical in this amount. There are some who say you should include exfoliants in your acne skin program but that's debatable and it can tend to inflame the facial skin. If you can afford to get an occasional facial it is one of the best treats about an acne skin care program.

There are many gentle cleansers with benzoyl peroxide on the store shelves. If you notice an overwhelming scent or any mention of oil in the ingredient's list then it should not be included in anyone's acne skin care program.

Sometime you have to try a few things to see what works for you but start with the nutrition, water and no picking. From there try and find a few gentle products and use them morning and night or according to the instructions.

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