Acne Scar Removal Treatment

By: Susan Lane

After dealing with acne you also have to face the bitter reality of the scars that this facial condition has left behind. The acne scars appear during the healing process due to too much collagen building up in one single spot. Since the wound that creates the acne scars occur within the dermis it means it is not superficial, it is within our skin and that makes it hard to get rid of. Not cleaning or treating the affected area is usually the cause of scars forming where the white and black heads used to be. Sometimes picking at acne lesions can make more harm than the acne. Four kinds of acne scars There are different types of acne scars under two categories, atrophic which is loss of tissue and hypertrophic which is the result of excess of tissue. These two types of categories can be divided in to four types of scaring:

Ice pick scars: The most common type of acne scaring. This scar consists of a narrow pit forming in the dermis.

Boxcar scars: These scars are similar to chicken pocks scars, they are round or oval with angular edges and are most common on the cheeks.

Rolling scars: These scars have a wave-like appearance and the shape is typically shallow and wide.

Hypertrophic or keloid scars: These are raised and kind of lumpy scars that can spread beyond the original wound. These are most commonly found on the back and chest, but can also appear in the neck and face area.

The scars usually appear as a combination of the different types of scaring. There are several treatments available on the market, but is there any natural treatment that really works?

Mother nature's own way of treating acne scars There is an alternative natural acne scar treatment based on biological serum. This acne scars treatment is mother nature's own way of taking care of your skin, the serum comes from a snail called Crystomphalus Aspersa which has got a similar type of skin that we do, no chemist in a laboratory is able to recreate the immune system of a living creature which makes this serum one of a kind. Therefore the treatment is also helpful not just to deal with scars but also for the acne itself, this mean that you can go through the treatment even though you still have acne breakouts which might be a problem with some other treatments.

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BIOSKINCARE is an acne scar removal cream that contains snail serum that is helpful not just for treating the scars that the acne left behind, but also the acne itself leaving you with a smoother looking skin. You can use the acne scar cream containing the biological serum in your every day cleaning routine as an easy way of helping the skins healing process.

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