Achieve Total Relaxation with FengShui Bedroom Furniture

By: Robert Thomson

Although people spend the majority of their home time in their bedrooms, it's often these rooms that receive the least amount of attention. Since people spend their awake time in kitchens and living rooms, it's often these places that get the new furniture or fresh paint on the walls first. If you're looking to decompress at the end of the day, it's time to focus on your bedroom. New bedroom furniture is the perfect way to achieve this goal.

You've probably heard of fengshui before but did not realize that you could use this ancient Chinese system to decorate your own bedroom. With a focus on fengshui, you can turn your bedroom into a calming, relaxing zone that will give you the restful sleep that you need. Best of all, this type of decorating is simple, which means the bedroom furniture you purchase can be so as well.

Modern furniture in dark colors is best, so opt for a bed frame that has straight lines and is low to the ground. Consider bed frames that do not require a box spring, which will save you money as well. These bed frames are low, sturdy and modern and available in such colors as black, espresso and white. A few other pieces of furniture will complete the room such as nightstands, lamps and a dresser or wardrobe.

Position the bed in a command or power position, which will be in a place where you can see the door. Traditionally, people place their beds in the center of the room, but you can also try positioning the bed in a corner or on an angle. The vision behind the command position is that you are able to see the door, which leads to feelings of open mindedness and allows dreams to reach you during the night. While your bed frame may be simple, you can dress it up using canopies, decorative pillows and bedspreads in bold colors.

To have a fengshui bedroom, you will also need to clear the room of clutter. When a room is neat and clean, it allows the mind to rest as well. Don't just stuff clothes piles and magazines in your closet, either. Invest in space-saving shelves and containers that can neatly store clothes and accessories. If you lack space to place a wardrobe, consider a bed that has drawers underneath. A loft can also work wonders, as you can keep the bed raised and create a quaint and cozy nook underneath.

Another feature to fengshui is equality. When you reposition your bed, make sure there is equal room on either side, as well as matching side tables and lamps. Not only is this a wonderful way to have the look of symmetry but also it keeps the bedroom looking neat and balanced. Many bedroom sets only include one nightstand, so you may find it more affordable to buy the bed frame separately.

Finally, to achieve a fengshui bedroom, you should make sure the space is your own personal retreat. Keep the bedroom a place for bedroom furniture only, as incorporating a work desk or workout equipment sends mixed messages. To enhance the decor, try fresh flowers and romantic artwork. Low lighting is best for creating a cozy atmosphere, while curtains that can be pulled open and closed are ideal for letting in natural light.

Fengshui is just one of the many options for turning your bedroom into a personal asylum. The element to remember is that you spend the most important time in your bedroom, and without proper relaxation and sleep, you won't be able to function to your fullest ability the next day. With a few new pieces of bedroom furniture, as well as freeing up clutter and finding a consistent theme, you will be well on your way to a fengshui bedroom.

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