Achieve MLM Success Without Using These Out-Dated Techniques

By: Jordan Schultz

There are a lot of different marketing strategies that your upline in your MLM company will teach you when you begin. You will learn some great methods for building your business. You will also learn methods that are a complete waste of your time, and you'll be left wondering why you're not achieving the success you should be for the work you're doing. With the emergence of the internet into multi-level marketing, the entire way in which these businesses are built has changed for the better. In this article I'm going to cover a few strategies that don't work, and go over why they don't work to build your business effectively.

I don't want to say that these strategies will never work for building a business, because people in the past have built successful teams using these exact strategies, I just want to let you know that they require a ton of effort with a low percentage of return. With the internet playing a huge role in MLM today, there is a much easier way for you to generate leads and build your business effectively with a lot less work.

In every company you're told to contact your friends and family first and ask them to join your business opportunity. You can get a few initial signups and make some money, but the problem lies in the long term and in your personal relationships with these people. A lot of times your friends and family will stop talking to you because they don't want to hear about your amazing business opportunity every time they see you. As well, your list of friends and family will run out eventually. Anyone who's been in this industry for a little while knows that in order to create a huge team and make a lot of money, you need to filter through hundreds of people every single day. Your personal list will not be large enough to continuously show your opportunity to new people every day.

The next technique you'll probably learn will be the 3 foot rule. What this is, is to tell anyone standing within 3 feet of you about your business opportunity. Tell enough people and you're sure to get some interested prospects. You will also be spending an insane amount of time talking to the wrong people. This concept is really a terrible idea because you're offering your opportunity to people who are probably not even interested in the first place. You'll get a much better reception from people that are actually looking for a business or a way to make money from home than you would from random strangers.

Massive flyering campaigns and purchasing lead lists are some other methods you might learn from your upline, both of which will have you talking to total strangers about your business opportunity. These methods are problematic because you're approaching unintersted people. Today there are much more effective ways of building your business by talking to people who are interested in you and your business opportunity before you ever talk to them. All of these preferred methods are based around the concept of attraction marketing, and are preferred by anyone who wants to build an MLM business the right way. As soon as you realize that these old-school methods of network marketing do not work, then you need to start learning about attraction marketing immediately.

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