Acheiving MLM Success

By: Matt Rankin

MLM Success is different for every person, after all what determines whether someone is successful? To come it may just be running a profitable mlm business, yet to others it may mean running a million dollar mlm business.

Regardless of what you think what mlm success is, there are some fundamental principles that will help you achieve it.

The first and most talked about is duplication. What this means is that you need to duplicate yourself, and teach your downline to do the same. You donít have to do this very often, as long as you train and teach your downline how to do the same. This is really the secret of mlm, you donít have to sell 1,000 widgets yourself, but rather sell say 3 every month to regular customers (or use them yourself), and teach your immediate downline to so the same. Interestingly this is why Amway is so successful, it is all about duplication. You use some products yourself (600 points worth from memory), and teach your downline to do the same. You can see how quickly these numbers add up. More importantly, not only does this make you successful, but also makes your downline successful!

Next, donít try to convince your family and friends to join your organisation, and perhaps donít even talk to them about what you are doing. Youíll only get negative responses, and this is no good for your self esteem! You need to stay positive, and it is far better to talk to people that are looking for something better than 9 to 5 than to drive your friends away.

Training is also vital. If your upline is helping you - great! Most of us however have to go it alone which Iím sure youíll agree is much harder. Donít make it so hard for your downline, give them all the help and encouragement you can. Schedule weekly meetings with them to help motivate them. Send out a weekly newsletter to give them some tips. Basically make them feel like they are a part of something, after all, mlm is a people business. If you find something that works, tell your downline immediately! If you find something that doesnít work, warn them to avoid it.

If you want mlm success overnight, forget it. It takes dedication and hard work to really achieve true mlm success, but it can start with just one prospect. The next person you talk to about your opportunity could be the key to building an mlm empire! Stick with it, and make sure you treat everyone as though they might be your next business partner, donít go in for the hard sell - youíll only drive them away.

Remember the key is duplication. Work out a formula that fits your business and apply it, and teach others to do the same. Before too long you really will be another mlm success story!

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