Acer Iconia A510 Analysis

By: Cathrine Mckay

Let's be clear, the design of the Iconia A510 is disappointing. With more and more competitors on the market, manufacturers such as Acer really should make more efforts to make their products stand out in this field. The Iconia A510 is not hideous, of course, but it's really nothing special. This is certainly not the kind of product on which your gaze arises automatically, which can be very problematic in a market increasingly crowded

The front of the unit as you would imagine: a mass of black tempered to a bezel surrounded by silver plastic, which extends to the rear of the tablet. The case is made of flexible material rather than metal. Despite the large amount of plastic used, Iconia A510 seems neither "cheap" nor fragile. "An element that catches the eye is the official Olympic logo on the back of the unit.

This is where the A510 becomes a bit more impressive. The tablet is indeed equipped with the famous chip Nvidia Tegra 3 quad core clocked at 1.3 GHz and supported by 1 GB of RAM. Just like other tablets equipped with Tegra 3 (here we think the Transformer Prime and Nexus 7), Acer is remarkably powerful, with a very smooth operation, virtually no delay

You have 32 GB of integrated storage, which is normally sufficient for occasional users. For those who need a little more space, Acer has equipped the tablet with a MicroSD slot. You also have an HDMI and a standard USB port (for data transfer in particular).

We are almost tempted to completely ignore the cameras in our future tests shelves. With the Iconia A510, the absurdity of taking a picture with a camera of 10 inches is further accentuated by the poor results. The 5 megapixel camera has no LED flash and the pictures are completely saturated. The camera can capture 1080p videos, however. The front camera (1 megapixel) is relatively useless for taking pictures, and should be reserved for video calls

With Ice Cream Sandwich on board, the Iconia A510 is armed with one of the latest versions of Android - even if it is not quite the most recent (knowing that Jelly Bean is already available on other tablets like the Motorola Xoom). Acer has introduced some customized user interface elements, such as the selection tool radial opened its Liquid range. Overall, the performance of the user interface is very fast and impressive, and largely thanks to the Nvidia chip.

Android penchant for multitasking and customization means that the overall experience is still not as "finished" with iOS. There will always be times when strange interface hesitate, your selections or delayed by half a second. Overall, we're talking about minor annoyances. Performance is still very satisfactory

As with many other 10-inch tablets on the market, here you have a 1280 x 800 pixel display that will really struggle to compete with the almighty Apple Retina display. The TFT panel is also very difficult to compete with its rivals Android, which often offer stunning IPS screen. The viewing angles are pretty good, but the colors are a bit washed out (even if this defect is noticeable only when you turn the tablet off another better)

This is another area in which the A510 tablet excels. The 9800 mAh battery provides over 10 hours of average use. Do not forget that some products on the market are struggling to provide half of the performance. The Iconia A510 is truly remarkable dan this area. You do not need to be constantly connected to your tablet, even to play 3D games or watch HD videos.

The best selling point of the Iconia A510 (apart from its Olympic logo, of course, will quickly become obsolete) is undoubtedly the Nvidia chip. However, all the technological power of the world does not change the fact that Android is still sometimes hesitant. The overall experience is not as smooth as on the iPad, let's be realistic. And if we compare here the Acer to the iPad, it is because its price (500 ) is comparable to Apple (at least for the entry-level model).

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