Accident Claims Involving Forklift Trucks

By: George Velvet

Unfortunately, statistics show that around 1 person dies every 6 weeks because of accidents involving forklift trucks. It is very important for every single business owner to understand prevention and security methods to protect fork lift trucks operators within the working environment. You can avoid minor and serious injury claims if you protect yourself properly but you need to first understand important facts about accident claims.

Forklift trucks are used in nearly every industry to reposition or relocate items which otherwise would be an impossible task. The trucks are incredibly useful but they are also highly dangerous. 70% of all the accidents caused by these trucks will result in injury to either the driver or another worker. It is very important to protect yourself, as a business owner, by properly training your workers.

In addition to employees, visitors are also at risk of ending up with an injury caused by forklift trucks. There are many people that visit DIY stores, warehouses or garden centers where such trucks might be used or on display. What most business owners do not know is the fact that even visitors can make personal injury claims in the event of a truck related accident. Every single visitor to your warehouses or workplaces needs to be monitored by an experienced worker.

Workplace fork lift trucks accidents can happen for many different reasons. You cannot prepare the employees for the vast array of possible dangerous situations that can reveal themselves in many forms. The only thing that you can do is instruct your workers to properly use the trucks and what has to be done while near operating equipment. Safety training should be mandatory and needs to be handled by a professional.

When referring to visitors to your premises, the best way to protect yourself is to have them sign waivers. Keep in mind that signing a waiver is not enough if you do not also prove that you took care of those that were on your property. If forklift trucks are operating and a machine happened to hit a visitor, you can have the strongest waiver in the world and still end up being held accountable for the accident that happened. You need to prevent visitors from entering areas where they will be exposured to operating machines.

Fortunately, while you cannot predict what will happen in the future, you can do all that you can to protect employees and other people from forklift trucks in the workplace. Make sure that all safety training is handled professionally and that those people that will visit your locations are kept safe at all times. Following these tips will help protection you and your business whilst maintaining operator and visitor safety on site, in return this will minimise accident claims filed against you. STILL Materials Handling Ltd provide both 'state of the art' equipment and forklift training for your employees.

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