Accessorize your Eyes with Colored Contact Lenses

By: Ray Lam

The advent of colored contact lenses has brought a revolution in the contact lens market. Colored contact lenses have become very popular among youngsters. These lenses can be enhancement lenses which are used to enhance the natural color of your eyes or they might be opaque lenses which can be used to change the color of your eyes totally. But any sort of color contact lens goes best with proper eye make up. There are various make up tips which should be kept in mind in order to give the best effect to your eyes. The make up you have to apply depends on your skin color as well as the color of the contact lens which you will wear.

Color contact lenses are the ones for which you have to take utmost care. No other lens requires this much of cleaning. You need a contact lens case for these lenses and it is a better option to use cases with screw down lids as there is no chance of solution leakage from these cases. You should remember to clean your case with soap at least once a week and make it a point to keep it in boiling water for at least 10 weeks. This helps in killing the bacteria and then you should dry the case. If you have a number of lenses with various colors then it is recommended to mark them while keeping the lens.

The main purpose of colored lenses is to cover your iris and give a new color to your eyes. The tint and the texture of lenses vary and it depends on the color and the pattern of the lens chosen by you. The color lenses which are common are obscure colors and augmentation tints. The most interesting feature about color contact lenses is that, they do not look same on two people. Opaque color lenses change the color of your eyes totally. For example somebody with grey eyes can make it green or somebody with green eyes can make it blue. Color contact lenses can be used to make your eyes dramatic and give them a new tint. A person with green eyes can make his eyes brighter by wearing a sea green color contact lens. On the other hand a person with brown eyes wearing the same lens will have no effect on his eyes.

Women with dark skin: if you have a dark skin then contact lenses of Amethyst, sapphire blue or green color will suit you the most. Bronze eye shadow will go the most with green lenses, mauve or brown shadows will go the best with blue or amethyst lenses and amber color shadow will go best with aqua or turquoise contact lenses.

You should purchase color contact lenses with the help of a valid prescription as one should go for a series of eye tests before taking these lenses. These lenses should be dealt with a lot of care. There is one disadvantage for using color contact lens and this is you have vision problems sometimes. This is because our pupil change size sometimes and thus the whole area of the pupil cannot be covered by the lens.

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