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The Acai Berry which is pronounced as "a-sigh-ee" is a small, round fruit which is very similar to a blueberry or grape but is a much darker purple color and is slightly smaller than either of these two fruits. For many centuries native Brazilians have been using this particular fruit which has helped them to remain fit and healthy. Even today this particular berry remains a very popular health and energy food and t is now readily available to others around the world. Below we provide you with some more facts concerning this particular fruit.

As well as containing good levels of Omega 6 and Omega 9 this particular berry also contains large amounts of fiber, calcium and vitamins. Yet compared to many other fruits that we consume it has very low amounts of calories. Many doctors have found that not only can this particular berry help to fight leukemia, but can also help to slow down premature ageing as well as increase a person's libido. In fact in studies carried out by the University of Florida it was found that extracts of this particular berry were able to trigger a self destruct response in around 86% of all the cultured leukemia cells that they tested.

Many environmental agencies including Greenpeace are great stalwarts of this particular berry as it is now providing the natives of Brazil with an alternative industry to get money in to the countries coffers. Rather than them having to carry out tree clearing operations and so reduce the amount of Amazon rain forest even further. In fact this particular fruit is now being able to provide incomes to those people who live in a much poorer part of Brazil. But not only does it provide them with an income and is also helping to prevent further harm being made to the Amazon Rainforest the cultivation of this particular berry has also meant that much less land is now needing to be cleared for cattle. So with so many beneficial effects on the environment today the Acai Palm tree is often referred to by Brazilians as the "Tree of Life".

Today in the USA alone sales of Acai Berry juice have now reached over $5 million each year even though it only first went on sale there around 5 years ago. But even so there are still many hurdles for those selling the product in this country to overcome. As a lot of people have not actually heard of the fruit and very few actually know how to pronounce its name correctly. But despite this once people have tried this particular berry will soon want more because of its distinctive taste.

Further more the antioxidant properties within the blood also help to control a person's cholesterol levels much better. When a person eats this particular fruit it not only helps to reduce the amount of bad cholesterol to be found in a person's blood, but also helps to increase the levels of good cholesterol.

This particular berry contains flavonoids known as Anthocyanins which can also be found in rend wine and which is believed to contribute towards the "French Paradox". The French drink large amounts of red wine and have one of the lowest number of people suffering from heart problems even though many of them are smokers and their diets are very high in saturated fat and cholesterol.

In studies carried out in the USA it has been found recently that the juice of the Acai berry could destroy up to 4/5ths of all cancer cells in the body because of the antioxidant properties contained within it. In fact this particular berry has twice as many cancer beating antioxidants in it compared to blueberries.

Today in Brazil the pulp of the Acai berry which is extremely nutritious is not only consumed by the much poorer people of the country especially those located in the Amazon Basin but it is has now become extremely popular with all levels of society and with Brazilians of all ages. In fact in Brazil it is now given to women after childbirth to help in the recovery process as well as providing them with a good source of energy. In fact nowadays around 200,000 liters of the Acai berry juice is being drunk by the 1.3 million people who live in Belem where it is produced.

As you can see from the facts we have provided above there are many benefits to be gained from including this particular fruit into your dietary requirements. Certainly those people who have been consuming these berries whether in juice or powdered form on a regular basis have found that they have much more energy and vitality as well as increased stamina levels. They have also found that their digestive and circulation systems have also been greatly improved through including this in their diet. However when it comes to purchasing any supplements that include Acai Berry within them make sure it contains only 100% freeze dried Acai within it. There are spray dried Acai Berry powders, but although they are much cheaper than the 100% freeze dried type they do not contain the same properties.

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