Acai Berries As Treatment For Geriatric Illnesses

By: Steve Charles

Geriatric ailments are those that have a greater chance of occurring in older persons. These are age-related disorders, mostly which occur due to the breakdown of
the body systems because of wear and tear of the various systems of the body. Aging itself is a degeneration of the body processes, because various physiological
functions of the body slow down, making it less productive than it was before and also tampering with the attractiveness of the person in different ways.
Additionally, this aging process makes the body vulnerable to a host of diseases which can affect the body in various counterproductive ways.

Though none of us would like to age, we cannot avoid its onset. Medicine has its limitations and people try various methods to individually tackle the symptoms and
conditions associated with aging. However, there is one health fruit that has been known to have a broad spectrum of benefits for problems associated advancing
age. Unearthed in the Brazilian rainforests, these fruits known as the acai, have today earned worldwide acclaim. The following is a brief look at the various
problems that the fruits of the acai palm, the acai berries, can treat.

The Aging Process

The acai berries are known to have general benefits on the overall aging process. The aging process mainly happens because adverse chemical changes continue
happening in the body. In the younger days, these processes are controlled by our body's own functional systems, but as age advances, these systems weaken and then
the signs of aging begin making their appearance. The main culprits are the free radicals, which produce these chemical changes in the body.

Acai berries are rich in chemicals that can fight these free radicals. These substances are known as antioxidants. Among all the foods that naturally contain
antioxidants, the acai berries have the highest concentration. Their action preserves the various healthy process of the body, which helps ward off physical aging
symptoms such as the appearance of wrinkles and crow's feet, sagging skin, defects of the eye, graying of hair, etc. Internally, the antioxidants act to maintain
the body's processes in functional order. Thus, the acai berries act both internally and externally to preserve the person's youth.

Visual Health

Glaucoma is an eye condition that occurs with advancing age due to the degeneration of the optic nerve. This degeneration occurs quite slowly and hence the person
does not realize it is happening until the situation has worsened beyond measure. The nutrients in the acai berries, most notably the anthocyanin antioxidants,
help repair such wear and tear, thus preventing glaucoma. Another major old age ophthalmic problem the acai berries can control is the cataract, where part of the
eye becomes cloudy and opaque with passing age.


Osteoporosis, the disease of hollow bones, commonly affects older persons as the rate of demineralization of their bones exceeds the rate of mineralization. The
antioxidants of the acai berries are very effective in controlling this adverse chemical change.

Alzheimer's Disease

The acai berries are full of vitamins and nutrients that are capable of maintaining good mental health. These act for the long term, helping people in retaining
their mental and physical coordination as they grow older. People who regularly consume acai berries will have no complaints of problems such as the Alzheimer's

Apart from these, acai berries have also proven immensely effective in controlling old age conditions such as senility and arthritis.

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