About female pheromones and a woman’s psyche

By: Cristina Tulis

Pheromones are naturally-occurring chemical compounds found in all insects, animals and humans. In humans there are both male and female pheromones. Normally secreted in sweat and other body fluids, they dictate sexual behavior and help to attract the opposite sex. Pheromones are found throughout the living world and are the most ancient form of animal communication. In other words, they are nature’s aphrodisiacs and when applied topically they can help to improve a woman’s life and relationships greatly.
Human female pheromones increase a woman’s desirability as well as her attractiveness to the opposite sex. Female pheromones are responsible for several major things: to enhance communication, to enhance relationship building, to deepen trust in one another, and to create an unimaginable closeness with another human being, not necessarily of the opposite sex. Pheromones for women are typically sold by the bottle by many companies worldwide.
Some more of the effects of enhanced female pheromones may include increased number of dates with persons of the opposite sex, reception of more affectionate gestures from one’s partner, increased frequency of males making the first move, improvements in sleeping next to more romantic partners than ever before, increased frequency of foreplay, increased sexual attractiveness to the opposite sex, as well as increase in warmth and openness where one’s partner is involved.
Human female pheromones, or rather, laboratory-formulated and certified versions of female pheromones, can be synthesized. Such products from www.truePheromones.com are designed to enable them to be completely mixed and matched together in whichever way and they all contain arguably the highest pheromone concentrations in the market. The basic ingredient of most pheromones for women is copulin.
Copulins are the most powerful of female pheromones and are secreted during ovulation. TruePheromones pheromones for women products contain powerful human female pheromones copulins. These pheromones are known to raise testosterone levels immediately by up to 150% thus ensuring instant increased attractiveness to members of the opposite sex.
Some of the pheromones for women contain the chemical compound Oxytocin and which is the number one trust-enhancing human female pheromone. This pheromone creates a very close bond between people and is usually secreted by mothers during pregnancy and after a child is born. It enhances feelings of love and trust between her and her newborn child and the emotional feelings produced are usually associated with affection and bonding.
Pheromones for women can therefore give women an edge in a competitive world where their desirability is just as important as their qualifications.

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