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By: Vikram Kuamr

Pai Gow is a Western twist to the game that originated in China known as Pai Gow. This game is played using dominos as well as dice. This is actually a complicated game to play with a slow paced movement. With poker incorporated in this game, it will make you enjoy the entire game even more at the best online casino Europe of your choice. The joker ranks higher that the four aces. The main objective of the game can be used using seven cards to create two hands that will beat two hand of the dealer.

What is unique about the game is that all participants have the chance to be a banker. This can possibly happen, and then all payers will be able to compare their hands along with the bankerís hand too. It will be the banker that will collect all losing wagers, pay winners using their own pocket and wins all ties. When a player decides to be the player-banker then host needs to collect five percent of commission from the winning hands. With Pai Gow poker, the advantage of the house will be around two point five percent, but this can be even if you will decide as the player-banker.

There is no big difference between online Pai Gow pokers than traditional in-casino game. One that exists is that being an online gamer playing alone with the dealer in this game. In traditional Pai Gow poker, there are 5 to 6 players around the table. This can take out the excitement of playing with other players, but it can give advantage to the player because they gain control the environment. With best online casino Europe Pai Gow poker player can pick an environment with less noise and distractions. A player will not be interrupted with noise of other players around. A player can think better and focus on the game therefore they can make a smart decision. Another benefit is that there is no time limit for you to make a decision.

As you play Pai Gow poker online, all players needs to dealt with seven cards that are facing up while playerís main goal is to beat what is on the dealerís hands. A player receives 7 cards and they need to split the cards using 2 hands by five cards and two cards. You need to rank your card according to the best to the least card. Your best cards must be placed on five card hand and the least are placed in two card hand. The chance of winning and losing will all rely with how you will split his cards on hand. Pai Gow poker is a popular casino game that introduces poker in a house game. This game is played precisely like poker and the house do not have much edge than it does in other casino games. Casino Slots can also be played online if you want a variety and you can also try Casino Slots to measure your limits.

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The theory is that a player has more chances of winning with each bet that they make in the best online casino Europe of their choice. This is an interesting casino game to play whether online or offline using a deck of 53 cards. Should also try Casino Slots which casinos also offer.

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