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By: Axel Price

Advertising your business on Facebook and on mobile platforms seems the best way to go today, when everybody uses social networking websites and mobile devices. But how do Facebook advertising Singapore and mobile advertising Singapore actually work?

It is considered that Facebook has almost 1 billion users. Much more have mobile devices. In this situation, it is clear that a company that wants to promote its products and services needs to address to those who use this social networking website and own mobile devices, like smartphones and tablet computers.

Let us see first how Facebook advertising Singapore works, and then we will switch to mobile advertising. Mobile advertising is basically the same thing as Facebook marketing, only that it is focused on showing the users websites containing the keywords they have typed on a search engine. But all this, in a future paragraph.

Now let us picture our Facebook profile. You may enter Facebook to understand better the things written here. As you can see, Facebook ads appear posted at the right, next to your newsfeed. They are all sponsored. You can also see a a link named “Create an ad”, that you can use for your own benefit.

“Create an ad” may not be available all the time on your Facebook profile, that is why you need to click first on “See all”, which is next to “Sponsored” and then go to a green button, named “Create an ad”. The ad must be connected to your professional Facebook page. If you do not have one yet, create it.

When the page is done, make sure to connect the ad with it. Then, target your ad. If you have a shoe company in Singapore, there is no need for you to target Americans, since they will not purchase from you, but people living in Singapore.

When creating the ad, write an attractive title and describe, as much as you can, in just a few lines, the purpose of your company, and the advantages provided by your products or services. Also, insert a photo; it would be recommended to insert your company logo.

Lastly, set a budget and choose the maximum amount that you are willing to pay each day. Also, set the campaign duration. To advertise your products or services online, use Facebook, but keep in mind mobile platforms too.

Mobile advertising Singapore is a marketing method, which is considered the fastest growing segment of Internet advertising. Search engine ads appear not only on the screens of those using desktop computers, but also on mobile devices, so not using the power of mobile advertising would be a terrible mistake.

Advertising a business on a smartphone is different than marketing it on the large screen of a desktop computer. Smartphones and tablet computers, both present small screens, that is why the information displayed on their screens needs to be compact, and the user has to be attracted by it, enough to click on the link, enter the mobile website of a company, and purchase something from there.

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Facebook advertising Singapore and mobile advertising Singapore represent effective marketing methods through which company managers succeed in attracting new customers each day. To see how you can use these methods to the benefit of your own company, check our website.

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