Abdominal Muscle Exercises - Which Ones Should You Use?

By: Allison Thompson

If you want to improve the condition of your abdominal muscles not only utilizing the exercises which have been designed to improve the condition of this group of muscles. You will also need to take a closer look at yourself as who you are will ultimately determine the shape of your abdomen. Both your genetics, your age and your gender play a major role in the type of body shape you have. Even so as long as you incorporate the right types of ab exercises in to your fitness routine will help to improve and strengthen them.

When it comes to finding the right kinds of exercises to use in order to improve the strength and tone of your ab muscles use ones which involve resistance training. As you will soon discover when you use resistance training for helping to improve the condition of your body these types of exercises are much more effective. They work well not only a person's ab muscles but also those found in their arms, legs and back.

Also choose those exercises which are actually going to make your muscles feel tired even though you may only have done 20 repetitions. Using these kinds of exercises will ensure that you are actually utilizing the muscles more effectively and the results that will be achieved are far better as well.

The most effective of all the abdominal muscle exercises a person should be looking to improve their condition are the standard and combination crunch and the reverse curl. But as well as exercising if you really want to see improvement in your stomach area you need to make changes to your diet. What is the point of exercising if you continue to eat the same kinds of foods which have actually caused you to put on weight in the first place. Below we provide some information on how you should carry out the exercises we have mentioned above.

With the standard crunch you will first need to get yourself in to a prone position on your back on the floor. It might be wise to put a mat or blanket underneath you especially if you are laying on a wooden floor. Then slowly raise your legs up until your feet are flat on the floor and your knees are bent. As soon as you are in this position comfortably you should start to raise your shoulders up off the floor and make your ribs move towards your hips. But you need to actually prevent your should from raising up above your shoulder level and the easiest way to do this is by pretending that you are holding on to a piece of fruit which has been placed under your chin. When first using this exercise and to avoid putting too much strain on your body you should place your hands on your chest. Then as your muscles begin to grow stronger then you can choose to place your hands either at the side or above your head.

The reverse curl specifically targets the fibers to be found in the lower and side abdominal muscles. Again lay on your back on then floor and then bend your knees towards your chest to a position that you feel comfortable with. But you must ensure that your hips remain on the floor. Then in order to lift up your hips off the floor you need to start contracting your abdominal muscles and this in turn will bring your knees closer to your chest. It is important that whilst you are doing this exercise you make sure that your legs do not swing.

After a while you may discover that doing the reverse curl or standard crunch becomes much easier as your muscles begin to become stronger. Therefore if you want to challenge yourself further and help to get your muscles much stronger and more condition then start to include the combination crunch in your abs workout. This particular exercise is much more difficult as it requires you to carry out the reverse curl and standard crunch together.

But when it comes to improving the condition of your abdominal muscles no matter if you are a man or a woman you need to find a workout routine which suits your needs and your body type perfectly. So take your time and try a few different ones out before and this will help you to decide which ones are ideally suited for you and will help you to achieve your goal of improving the condition of your abs.

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