Ab-Solute Definition

By: Nick Anderson

Welcome to the Ab-solute Definition programme. A Super-effective programme of proven exercises for the abdominal muscles. The programme, if adhered to, will give you the results you desire in shaping your waistline, as well as blasting some of the old misconceptions about abdominal training.

The Ab-solute Definition programme is probably the best abs programme you'll ever do.

Before we go any further, letís just take a look at the role abs play on the overall "physique map" what having a rock hard, chiselled six packs of abs could mean for you.

There is an argument that argues that the abdominal muscles are the most important muscles in the human body!

Let's take a look at that. The abs are used in every aspect of life. Standing, walking, working, as well as working out. Above all, it is this set of muscles that protects your inner digestive organs, the very organs responsible for nutrient absorption and distribution, the ones that make "the system" work. But let's just look at the abs aesthetically. Imagine a bodybuilder whose arms, chest and shoulders are okay. You can tell that he works out, and yes he's got pretty good muscular definition.

Now add a set of ripped abs to the scenario. See what we mean? For some reason having a ripped set of abs puts all of your other body parts into a much more favourable light. A good set of abs will make even a fairly average body look great.

Check out the classical sculptures by great artists of the past, such as Michaelangelo. Even check out the "body design" of famous superheroes (e.g. Spiderman, Superman). They all have fantastic abs.

Due to common stereotypes, one tends to assume that someone with a large fat protruding belly is probably a slob, not in control of his eating habits or his life (we're not saying that this is the case, we're saying that this is the stereotype).

On the other hand, a lean, defined midsection gives the aura of power and heroism.

So awesome abs are a big plus point to have on your personal physique map.

We're not saying this so that you have an excuse to skimp on the rest of your body workout intensity. Far from it, we're saying that by realizing the importance and benefits of this fantastic muscle group, you will give yourself the edge over other people who don't have good abs, or want them and are going about it the wrong way.

On average the super effective routines that you will find in Ab-solute Definition will only take five minutes of your time and as long as you don't have too much fat around your waistline you'll start seeing results in a couple of weeks.
Abs are probably the most responsive muscle group in the human body. Three sessions of the abdominal definition routine a week are enough to put you on the road to great results.

Furthermore, after the routines section, we have included extra ab exercises which you can later incorporate into your routine at will, keeping future ab workouts- fresh and shockingly effective.

Aerobics are generally considered bad for people wishing to put on serious muscle mass, but this is really not the case, aerobics should be an intrinsic part of your training regime.

Weight training for bodybuilding is classified as anaerobic exercise. This means "without oxygen". The reason for this is that the exercise is so intense that the body cannot supply enough oxygen to the working muscles during the activity. This explains why, after an intense set you are Left out of breath.

Your body now has a negative oxygen supply, which is "refilled" during the rest between sets as you regain your breath.
The energy for anaerobic exercise is obtained by the body by burning glycogen, the body sugar found in the muscles, liver and bloodstream.

Due to the short duration and explosive nature of anaerobic exercise, the body is prohibited from tapping into its stores of fat for energy.

Aerobic means "with oxygen" and refers to exercise done with a low to moderate intensity during which the body is still able to supply enough oxygen to the system while the activity is taking place.

Aerobic activities can therefore be sustained for a longer period of time. During aerobic exercise, the initial source of energy for the body is the glycogen stores, as these stores are depleted, the body begins to utilise body fat for its energy requirements.

There follow some tips over what to avoid when training abdominal muscles:
1.Sit-ups: Don't do them! Although traditional "wisdom" has long stated that the sit-up is a good ab. exercise, this is not the case.

Sit-ups and other similar movements (which involve arching the back) involve the psoas muscles (which run from the front of the Legs, through the pelvic area, to the lower back), and these exercises are useless for abdominal development work.

2. 0ver-speedy expectation of results.
3. Lack of discipline: giving up too early.

Points 2 & 3 are also important as they play a vital part in ensuring exercise programme fail! All too often, people start a diet and fitness programme and expect to be in shape within a week. When this fails to happen (as, of course, it will), their dedication decreases and inevitably the programme fails.

To avoid this scenario, keep your discipline. Work out realistically-targeted goals and work at them. Try not to miss even one session (the routines take more than 10 minutes to perform), because missing one session will make it easier to miss the next, and so on.

Remember Edison's words: "Genius is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration." get ready to perspire!

The Ab-solute Definition programme is designed to isolate and work specific parts of the abdominal muscle group. The routines are put together in a specific order, which when adhered to will give fantastic results. There follows a description and "How To" section on all the exercises. Number of repetitions, durations etc. are listed in the relevant table afterwards.

Do your exercises on alternate days, and rest at weekends. IDEALLY, EXERCISE ON MONDAY/WEDNESDAY/FRIDAY = WEEKEND RELAX.
Remember, even on higher levels your complete workout will only take between 5¨-10 minutes!

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