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If there is regular uploading of articles, over any article submission site, helps either ways, the writer gets a platform and the site gets regular income.

There are some examples of the sections which are enlisted in the article submission sites which are listed below and show how the professional writing in the form of articles are used in different industries.

1. Law: Law talks and talks only about case studies, thus the law maintains its own article submission site. Well in business too there are case studies, but one can assume how to go about next but in this case it is all the case that you first get and then have to solve. The case is then followed by brief of the case (the detailed is already heard and separately noted). Then there is the Client’s correspondence.

2. Marketing : The second industry, very much depends upon article submission, since it is all marketing and every product has its own theme and the theme needs to be explained, and then only the product gets sold where the article writing is very important is marketing, which comprises of copywriter, market Analysis, and many market proposal. In case of such market proposals, one has to be sound in the language he / she is communicating in and should know how to specifically explain the jargons.

3. Science and Engineering: ‘Article submits’ is a vital organ for the field of Science and Engineering, for our daily life revolves around the same. Solely educative and this is such an industry (educations) that just cannot do without a sound and proficient article writer. An educative form, or the education industry, needs Journal Articles, Technical Reports, Grant Proposals and many more. The list is just endless.

4. Retail : Retail needs all primary research and no secondary support, and article submission in this case is asked form all the departments, starting from the finance, till that of floor administration. There is a charm in Retail when implemented in this profession. Let’s take a very straight example in this case. While taking the agency of a huge chain, one has to study the scope of the business, it’s turn over and the future prospect of the same, at the same time little home work is also to be done, where the franchisee is yet to be started, and all these are possible only through relevant article submission. They are the inventory report and also the damage report, and while making a report, one should know the rules and the format of report writing.

5. Entertainment: The last category of the section which also needs a sound and a professional writer is the entertainment section, where recording contracts, projects, reviews and publishing articles in the magazine is required. This industry has endless list of article submission sites, and some are websites as a whole. Only the page 3 gossip is not entertainment, the e-commerce, online stores are all the part of the entertainment house, where one finds his / her fun in hunting one’s own choice, and evidently they require professional writers who can advertise well the site and the themes of the relevant approaches.

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