ADD/ADHD Patients Need Carers Like You

By: Rene A Lacape

Explore ADHD-friendly career options. These jobs are best platforms for those longing for independent initiatives, prefer stimulation experimentations and keenly believe in multitasking activities. Note that all jobs can't provide you three of these specifications. I am discussing about a job which bring best opportunities for you to explore your abilities. You can take independent decisions through choosing a career of your choice. Go for suitable jobs and think over it how you would perform best in it. It is mandatory that you prioritize your choice out of the varied career options.
Technical - The primary prerequisite of a technical job is socialization with the masses for which you perform your duties. You may be assigned for repairing works or installation of equipments. You can serve them as a telephone engineer or an electronics mechanic. This specific work provides you an opportunity to handle multiple tasks independently.
Technological - You're probably thinking this is the same as the Technical area. What makes these jobs similar to technical ones is that they also let you be autonomous and there is variety. The big difference lies in this area's need for its employees to be knowledgeable in the most current, state- of-the-art technologies. This can include computer technicians, computer builders, or an electronics expert.
Maintenance - Working in maintenance field doesn't mean you work as an office assistance cleaning offices. Carpentering, car mechanics and electrician works are good options. Basic motto of this profession is to help consumers keep their products maintained so that they remain endurable. This profession too provides freedom.
Science - Rather than enjoying research (which most of us ADDers would hate!), this category includes jobs that work on research oriented teams or keep machines working properly in the medical field. For example, you might work for a company that keeps medical equipment up-to-date and working such as an EEG or MRI machine, a ultrasound machine, etc.
Military - You must be thinking at the outset what foolishness I am talking about. A job in military that too when you have ADD seems impossible as it requires rigid and structured work schedule? In fact this rigidness makes military exciting and worth choosing profession. As this profession requires discipline there is bleak scope for any betrayal hence you get chance to learn organizational skills. You can choose various categories of jobs after completing basic training and can work as paratrooper, helicopter pilot and aircraft technician etc.
Aviation - Pilot, air traffic controller or aviation engineering are main job options in aviation. If you don't go for military, choose aviation as a career. This profession has lots of opportunities for stimulation and individual attempts. Job categories depend upon your choice.
Aviation - There are varieties of job categories. In case you don't join military, make career in aviation and work as pilot, air traffic controller or aviation engineer. Get opportunity to work independently by choosing your option out of other job categories.
Dentist- Don't feel panic when I talk of dentistry as a career option. This profession brings lots of freedom for you and you have much to explore. You get chance to explore your specialized educational expertise. Transportation - You don't have stimulating experience in transportation and need to follow the ordeals. Still you have freedom to roam. You have opportunity to reach to different locations as and when you are assigned for delivering products. In case you are offered a job of an ambulance driver you feel much stimulated due to extra pressure.
Engineer - Have keen look at young boys and girls operating heavy equipments professionally. These engineers perform duties after attaining special training. You can become a professional engineer with the specializations in chemical, nuclear, electronics etc. Almost every specific engineering area provides opportunity for you to do some multitasking in complete freedom. Engineering requires attention seeking individuals rather than entrepreneurs. You must fulfill your work in complete dedication and the output should be satisfactory. In entrepreneurship you can outsource some of your works which keep you in relief.
Hopefully, you are seeing how you might fit into one of these areas.

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Rene Lacape is a general health practitioner who has been in this industry for a long time. He enjoys the job and enjoys the tasks given to him. If you need his expertise in this field, give him a call and be helped. He is sure to be glad to accommodate you.

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