ACN Phone Is A Current Product But Marketing Style From The Stone Ages

By: Scott Marvin

ACN opened in 1993 and has developed into the world's biggest direct sales telecommunications company. Their product line ranges from video phone and wireless service long distance and home security. Their best known product is the ACN video phone that allows users to connect via video and voice communication.

ACN has joined on the relationship marketing bus. They depend on the network marketing style to get the word out on their products. Their style to marketing their products is through a downline of representatives who sell the products by sharing them with people they know such as family members, friends, co-workers and other people they have contact with.

The ACN style has worked worked well at pushing them up the list to one of the top direct sales companies in their field. Network marketing has been a lucrative way to sell products since 1949 and has become the marketing arm for a very diverse range of products. Currently it seems that anything and everything is sold through network marketing.

ACN is growing really well but I have a beef with them. With the resources ACN has in way of technology you would imagine they would come up with marketing training for their reps that was more current and tuned to reach the masses.

First I must inform you that I am a full time network marketer and my key focus is on marketing online to grow and expand my business. As I already said, ACN utilizes the network marketing approach but teaches their distributors old school sales techniques. What most people don't realize is the old style of of chasing your friends and family and creating a memory jogger is already a thing of the past and has already become an out dated way in building a large team of distributors. This is why 97% of the people who join MLM fail to make any real money.

Let me illustrate this for you. Think about a small business. How about a pizza shop? Suppose you owned a pizza store and you invited every one of your friends and your family to come out and purchase a pizza every couple of weeks. That might sound great but what about the days when your friends and family don't want pizza? If they don't come in these days then there won't be many sales. The point I'm trying to make is you need more than friends to build a business. What you actually need is a constant stream of customers flowing through your doors every single day..

This idea also works with MLM. The trainig you get with ACN is to make a list of all the people you know and drag them to a business presentation where they will be sold on the product and the business plan. This might work for a short time but you will soon run out of people to talk with. Your business begins to die due to lack of prospects. There are not many people that are connected with enough people to keep their business afloat for a long period of time. The only way to continue the growth in your business is to do marketing and attract new prospects every single day.

One of the most lucrative ways to sell your opportunity is to promote on the web. Look around and you will see that most businesses are using the internet in some way to explode sales. The odd and amazing thing about ACN is they try to keep their downline from harnessing the power of the internet to build their business. The reason I know this is from talking with many different ACN distributors who told me that their upline suggested that the internet was a waste of time. This is completely untrue. Distributors on my team have so many leads that there is not enough time in the day to call them all.

You would think that a company like ACN that has a high tech video phone would consider using current technology to grow their business. Instead they teach a backward, outdated style from the stone ages and ignore the fact that most of their reps are making very little money. So I have to ask the question, "Why not teach your distributors a way to market so they can grow their business and earn a healthy income?" I guess that the leaders at ACN don't realize how to use the net and are fearful of it.

I shouldn't blame ACN because this is an industry wide problem. I have yet to meet a a company that teaches actual marketing. If you think chasing your friends and family is marketing then you are dead wrong. When you have marketing in place the leads call you and chase you down. This style of building your business is not mentioned in the MLM world. It's time for the industry to get caught up with current times.

I show people the right way to promote their opportunity online and have decided that this is the best strategy to generate steady leads and grow a huge organization over time.. Visit the resources below for additional information on my marketing techniques and how you can use the power of the internet and literally explode your business on auto-pilot. This works for ACN or any other multi-level marketing you decide to grow.

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