A small-business entrepreneur can easily spin a twitter profile from a chat room to a golden bliss

By: Nick JR

A stats, provided officially by Small Business Administration /SBA/ show that in US, there are 28 million small sized business and more that 22 million people are self-employed. Less than 9% of them are using their twitter profile as a marketing tool. An entrepreneur will pay nothing to create a business related profile in twitter. Developing a business related twitter profile that sells will take few hours per week and no additional investments. However, to make money from it, a small business owner needs to take some steps to improve his presence in twitter. Below are 5 exact steps that a twitter account owner can easily undertake.

Gain more twitter followers

First, you need to find new relevant followers. Those are the profiles that will see your posts and eventually will react on them with like or retweet. One can always “buy” followers, however, this will lead to no benefit. A small-business owner needs real people to pitch, not fake ones. For example, you can find followers relevant to your services and business activities in local twitter communities. Search around and find potential customers of yours. Then follow them, send them a friendly message and follow them. In return, most of them will follow you and will reply to your message. Don’t forget that maybe the best way to gain new followers is by tweeting on a daily basis.

Helpful and interesting tweets

Post tweets every possible day. The tweets are short messages or statements, so share your info in brief. Two condensed sentences will do the job. When is possible, set your post with a picture that illustrates your work. Short tweets with info about your latest project and a photo to illustrate your work could be the perfect message to your followers and feature clients. People love to see projects that are already completed. So, just share generously via twitter reports about the progress of your current work-related activity. In addition, you can post advice that can be in help. Just be resourceful and helpful and soon you will be granted with trust.

Grow your network

You might have heard of directories, where one can submit his website. However, there are specialized online directories where a business owner can submit his twitter account. The expected results are better SEO for your twitter account: more followers, better exposure, grated organic traffic and so on. Some of them are providing a really professional statistic data that can be used for marketing purposes. Twitter directories are proven to be a great place to search and find new twitter users that are real people or real local businesses.

Analyze and optimize your posts

You are already posting, people are reacting to your posts, the number of your followers is rising. Nonetheless, the leads are still not turning into clients that pay. Please, keep in mind that this process could take some time. Despite that, you can take a closer look at your tweets, analyze, and optimize them. For example, you need to figure out when is the most proper time to post. A great tweet at 2 AM could be in vain. Just syncronize your tweets with the time than most people you are targeting are having some activity on the Internet. It could be around noon or 8 PM.

Ask questions and reply

Twitter is a social network, and to use it successfully for your business, you must be social and active. People can find very fast if you are on twitter only for business and will react rapidly. To avoid being ignored in twitter just be social. A useful approach is to ask relevant questions on different topics. For example, you can post a question on your twitter board. Your query should be relevant and compatible to your audience's interests. If somebody from your network posted a question, give him a competent answer or advice. Sharing your personal experience on a similar topic could be a great idea too. In addition, join some local twitter chat rooms and communities. Follow back your best and most trusted followers

Link your Twitter account

As a small business owner, you might have more than one social media profile. Being separated the other, those profiles will hardly turn to marketing tools. So, just link your twitter account with your other profiles across the web - Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn. This will lead to cooperation between them. While linking the twitter account, check very carefully the settings for automation. In most cases, the social networks are in pretty close relations between them so a tweet will immediately be transformed into a facebook post. Or a video, once published on your youtube profile, it will be automatically published in you twitter, Facebook and G+ profile. This will cause immediate acceleration of your online presence. To step up the process, just add a twitter icon to your emails signature.

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