A rumor on the subject of our Angels the world over

By: Grahame Peters

Many folks believe we have at least 1 Angel and/or Spirit Guide by our side. Many people believe we've got at least that. But imagine if you don’t believe?

We're all permitted to our own feelings and beliefs.

I personally feel blessed and very humble to recognise that my wonderful Angels, Archangels and Guides will always be there for me. It’s like having a supporter by your side all of the time. I by no means feel lonely and thank my Angels everyday for his or her care and safeguard and never ever take it as a right what they do.

My belief is many of us have a Guardian Angel, and that they are there to help us at whatever time we are in need. I also believe that our Angels are there to shield, heal, guide, show, and help us each day right through our trip on this earth plane.

All we need to do is ask….

For a few of us that goes without saying. But imagine if, we don’t understand how to ask. I've done readings where I've suggested to my client ‘ask your Angels’, and they've looked at me quite blankly and said ‘how’.

If I have had a nasty day then I ask my Earth Angels to remove any negativity that has built up within and around me. Ask your Earth Angels to take any negative thoughts from you and send those thoughts with love back into the ground (Mother earth) using your blessings.

Archangel Michael will be called upon at anytime if you feel a bit lost, maybe upset or, in need of some courage perhaps you would like some path to your life, or you are feeling afraid. Archangel Michael will spread his beautiful wings around you making you feel safe. He'll comfort, guide, defend and help you. Just call him in and say ‘Archangel Michael I'm wanting your help, please come to me now’ and explain why. You may sense the colour blue and or purple when he's near, and his energy is actually very warm.

Don’t be shy to ask your Angels for what you desire - provided it comes from within your heart, with pure integrity. Write what you truelly want down in a letter, and be precise await a new moon. Go outside, look up to the moon and burn your letter asking your Angels to send it towards the universe with love.

Perhaps you have gone somewhere and thought what on earth am I doing here? or, had a strong feeling to complete something! Go along with your instinct and trust this maybe your Angel guiding you or, trying to tell you something they may even leave you a sign.

I've had several clients that have lost someone very dear to them, and told them to look out for any white feather as this was a message from their Angel sending love from their beloved one from above. I remember saying this to 1 of my clients who was slightly sceptical to say the least a few days later he rang me up to say he awoke in the morning to get a white feather on his lounge floor, and there was no way that was there before he had gone to bed.

Our Angels are only too happy to help you, but we must ask them.!!!!

Talk to your Angels, acknowledge them, thank them and consequently they are there for you ten fold.

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