A printer is supposed to print any text or image on a piece of paper.

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A printer is supposed to print any text or image on a piece of paper. There are many types or printers available today, with price ranging from 50$ to 500$. But which printer is better to buy? The answer depends on your needs. That is, how many printing you do every single day? What cost you can afford and how much priority you give to printing?
Letís explain the first question.
1. Need of a printer!
Suppose there are two companies. One company is a press release company and does a lot of printing every day. The second is an internet logo design company and is not that much serious about printing. Now what do you think about first company? What type of printer will suit its needs? The printer that will suit the first company is laser printer. Because laser printer can print in bulk quantity while the second company can use an ink jet printer because an internet logo designing company does not need to do that much printing.Other than that, forums also have types, so a topic that is related to one type of forum will have more relevance regarding to the information.Directories, cartons of information: We often don't give much importance to directories, because directories are awkward and don't have any color in them. But they have the lists of all the websites that will have more colors and abundance of information on topics. Websites: Other than directories, the websites are of prime importance for information. There are many types of websites some are for academic purposes some are for businesses while some are for encyclopedias. Then there is an encyclopedia on everything (for business, for education) and many more.If there is a topic called construction logo design, a person will first search it on the search engine if he couldn't find it there then he will go to directories and then forums and then websites directly. Before 2000 millennium, people used to go directly to websites because search engines were not that popular but today the URL bar is changed to search engine bar so people can now directly search from there browser without moving to a different web site.
2. What is the cost of both the printers?
The cost of a laser printer is high as compared to an inkjet printer. But in the long term the price of ink of laser printer keeps on declining. Because a laser printer can print at least 1000 pages in just one role and that role can be refilled up to 3-4 times.
While, in an ink jet printer a cartridge of an inkjet printer does not last that longer. It can only print 150 pages in one cartridge. On other hand the refilling of cartridge of an inkjet printer costs almost the same as that of a laser printer.
3. Which is better?
Deciding which printer is better is a difficult task. As what is perceived good for one person might not be good for the second one. Like, the first company likes laser printer, while second company is happy with its own ink jet printer. SO, individuals cannot decide the matter by themselves.
A word of caution, when buying a printer itís better to check the business logo, because there are many companies that sell fake printers with other business logo.
Choose the printer that you think can solve your printing problems. Because buying a low-cost printer that cannot solve the problem will be a waste of money and vice versa.

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The writer is currently a content writer at an internet logo design company. The company makes business logo design and company logo designs for different companies.

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