A guide on how to roast garlic cloves 

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For a very long period of time the garlic has been considered a bad aliment. Its smell especially was considered to be offensive. Most recipes avoided using it. And it was considered that garlic was a condiment for the poor people. But times have changed. Now the garlic is considered highly important for the success of a meal. Most meat meals are prepared with garlic. It's a good thing to know how to roast garlic cloves. A garlic usually has between 10 and 12 garlic loves.First step is to peel the garlic. Take the bulb and a sharp knife. Then gently separate the cloves. Each clove is covered by a white pink skin. Remove the skin gently with the sharp knifeThe number of cloves you should use in the recipe vary a lot. Don't take everything by the book. Try to appreciate. This is because the sizes vary a lot. There are cloves in all sizes. So just choose what suits the recipe best.Another quick tip in how to roast garlic cloves is about the way you choose the garlic. Don't go for the large bulbs. They may seem great but actually they have no taste. The small bulbs keep more flavor in themselves, ready to be passed to the meat meal.Now how to roast garlic cloves once they are washed, separated and peeled? It's very easy. Choose as many as you consider. And put them in the pan with oil. The pan should be well washed so it doesn't preserve other smells. Also try to use a high quality oil when roasting. Once placed in the pan, the garlic cloves should be roasted at low fire. This way you preserve the flavor and the great taste.Once roasted in oil, you can use the garlic cloves for any kind of dish. Meat meals are great with some garlic on. And another quick advice. Better place the garlic at the end, cooked separately then from the beginning and cooked the same way as the rest of the dish.

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