A complete guide to understanding Social Anxiety.

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Have you ever experienced a time when you were reprimanded by your boss for doing something wrong? You feel the cold stares almost eating at you, and you feel like you are constantly being watched with every movement you make. Or perhaps, you have put on a few extra pounds and youíre going to visit some old friends. You are so terrified about how you will be perceived.

Having feelings and thoughts like these is completely and totally normal. But, when you allow your life to become engulfed around what people think, say, or do to you, this is when a little anxiety turns into a big problem. When you are so worried about how others will perceive you, and your thoughts revolve around their perceptions you may be facing an anxiety disorder.

Social phobia is one of the largest mental health problems to date. Many people who have this problem like to be left alone without any other human interaction. They feel that they will never fit in with a group of people.

Even when surrounded by a group of friends, people who deal with social anxiety disorder are scared to make a wrong move in fears that they will be judged by what they do or say. The feeling of being judged and watched is what keeps people who suffer the disorder away from human interaction.

Often, people who suffer from this social phobia get misdiagnosed as manic-depressant, or schizophrenic. Because the condition is not widely discussed in the media, someone who deals with social phobia feels as if they are all alone in their struggle. People tend to keep their disorder to themselves, in doing this and not seeking the proper treatment they allow this disorder to encumber their existence.

When someone who has been dealing with the condition of social phobia finally decides to seek help and guidance, it could be too late. Itís hard to reverse this condition, and once you are diagnosed you will have the condition for the rest of your life.

Many people who deal with social anxiety disorder believe their disorder to be dumb and plain out right silly, they realize that not everyone is passing judgment on them, yet they find it hard to erase the feeling out of their subconscious mind.

But, there is no need to fret. Social phobia does have a recognizable cure. The cure for the disorder is found through cognitive-behavioral therapy. This therapy has allowed people to erase the feelings of negativity they may have and live long and happy lives, around their friends. This story doesnít have to have a sad ending after all.

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