A closer Look at the Importance of Ladder Racks

By: Julia Bennet

Ladder racks are commonplace today when you look at any cargo van. Building contractors and painters need to carry a whole lot of equipment and ladders to assist in work. These racks are usually permanently fixed to the vans. Ladder rack is most often used to carry long and heavy ladders and also a variety of other truck equipment that cannot easily fit inside the truck. Its utility extends beyond construction vehicles. They can very well be used for long trips when you need to carry heavy load.

Ladder racks are classified into two categories, namely temporary racks and permanent racks. As evident from the name itself, permanent rack is fitted once and cannot be removed thereafter. Temporary racks can be uninstalled and then re-installed as per the convenience of the owner. The choice depends on the kind of work involved. If one needs to lug around colossal truck equipment as a part of a profession or a hobby then permanent ladder rack should make the cut. The permanent variety costs more. But they are also more rugged and have a greater weight capacity compared to the temporary ones.

The temporary ladder racks are useful when you only intend to use them during exigencies. They are comparatively cheaper and made of lightweight material. Now that you have chosen a temporary one, maximize your gain by going for a version that requires the least installation hassle. Emergencies come as a surprise and you need to react fast without wasting time. The other type of classification is side ladder rack and cap ladder rack. The side rack is generally fixed on both the sides of your van or any other vehicle. The advantage of this kind of set up is that you can access either of them with ease from the inside or the outside of your van. The cap ladder rack on the other hand generally extends to the side of the bed or even goes past your cabin. The installation is temporary and can be removed when not needed. If you want a rugged version which can withstand corrosion select a ladder rack coated with black powder. They are relatively heavy and the cost is not much when compared to galvanized steel or aluminum ladders.

The material used in the foundry for making these ladder racks is very important. Dense materials like steel provide great durability, but they also burn a lot of gas and decrease the mileage of your van. If you use them sparingly then a lighter version is a prudent choice as durability is a lesser priority. Choosing your equipment and accessories is as important as choosing your vehicle as they are just an extension of your van. Always seek expert advice when you intend to use it as a part of regular routine. Installing and then uninstalling heavy accessories is a hassle you want to avoid. One important thing that must be kept in mind, when you choose your ladder rack is that you should check if it has sufficient head space. There should be enough room for the bed without increasing the height of your van by a great extent.

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