A brief overview of custom antibodies

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Antibodies are the basic safeguarding agents that protect our bodies when faced with foreign infections. They are not present in our body always, but are produced by White Blood Cells in our body as and when required, in the proportion that is required. Basically, an antibody is a Y shaped immunoglobulin molecule that has one or more that two sensitive areas on it, called paratopes. These paratopes react with the respective areas on the antigens or the foreign bodies and either nullify or resist their effects. When the human body is unable to produce a particular antibody, other animals like rabbits have been used to the work for us. Antibodies, which have their paratopes modified in some or the other manner, may it be a change in configuration or multiplication, then such an antibody is called custom antibody.

Custom antibodies are used widely in laboratories and hospitals the world over for purposes ranging from research to treatment. Cloning of custom antibodies is also done to produce monoclonal antibodies and polyclonal antibodies. These are generally required to diagnose a particular disease or syndrome, wherein the body is not capable to produce antibodies naturally enough for the diagnosis to get done successfully in a lab. They are also used to find out mutations in viruses and bacteria so that mass production of their relative antibodies can be facilitated.

Custom antibodies are largely produced by various custom antibody manufacturers. They are present in various versions and in the desired paratopes configuration. Some of the most popular antibodies used for research include CD4 antibody, CD133 antibody and UCP2 antibody. Further, a native crude antibody can be modified in-vitro to give rise to a custom antibody, which can thereafter be subjected to mass multiplication by injecting it into a multiplying cell like e-coli. Basically, custom antibodies of all possible sorts of paratopes configuration are available in the market, but sometimes, when faced with odd conditions or unfaced kinds of symptoms, doctors approach laboratories to generate the custom antibody that can be used to cure that particular disease or symptom.

These custom antibody producers are divided into three core segments, namely, peptides, DNA and recombinant proteins. All the three have their own significances. In order to get hold of the most appropriate one, it is necessary that the nature of the antigen be perfectly known. Custom antibodies have also recently found application in laboratories that delve into the genetic tree of a particular species. Antibodies themselves are an indispensible part of the human body and these antibodies have evolved through generations, as and while, the human race has been faced to a certain kind of epidemic or a foreign virus, scattered heavily in the air. The newer the kinds of diseases, the better have been the ability of WBCs to produce antibodies to these kinds of diseases.

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