A Simple guide for Buying Top Hair Extensions

By: Freddy Rodrics

You might not believe but the use of hair extensions has been around since the time of Cleopatra. In the last couple of years, these extensions have become increasingly popular and women are spoilt for choice when it comes down to making purchases. There is an increase in the number of manufactures and as such, it is possible to find new trends all the time. These come in different lengths and textures making it possible for someone to buy exactly what they need. With top hair extensions, it is not just the length that is improved but the volume and thickness as well. The key to enjoying these extensions however starts with making a wise purchase.

- There are two types of hair extensions and these include human and synthetic. Of these two, human is the smart choice though synthetic is considerably cheaper. The latter cannot be hot styled and you might be among the mist of women who are allergic to fibers. If this is the case, you can have a rash breakout. However, with human, this is not something to fret about since they are of high quality. Though this is the case, bear in mind that these products are different. For this reason, before making your investment, you should think carefully. Settle for top hair extensions that are 100% human hair. These should be tangle free and well processed. The choice you make should also be resilient and durable.

- Make small weft purchases. Majority of women tend to buy hair in bulk for strand-by-strand application, infusion or individual braiding. However, if you are looking for sew in style of glue-bonded options, you should settle for wefted hair. This refers to horizontal attachment base where the hair gets sewn in. In addition to this it comes in rolled bundles which are cut to size and laid out. Currently, there are two types of wefts in the market and these include hand tied and machine. Machine tied wefts tend to be bulky and cheaper while the reverse is true for handmade wefts. Machine wefts can make your extensions look inauthentic while the base looks bumpy and lumpy. Small wefts are the smart choice since they can lie closer and flatter to the scalp giving you a natural look.

- Regardless of how much you research online, you cannot determine the feel of the hair extensions by looking at it. As such, you need to get your hands on the extensions. Visit a supply or beauty shop and look at the extensions first hand. As you look at it, be careful to see that the strands are attached solidly. Rake your fingers through the extension and if you find strands that block your movement, reconsider your options. Also, do not buy the hair extensions if the strands fall off easily as this could lead to shower drain blockage.

When shopping for top hair extensions, you should also be carefully about the color. Some contain dye that washes off leaving the extension looking drab and lifeless. Carry out a taste by moistening your fingertips and rubbing the extension. If you see color on your fingers, donít buy the extension.

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Following this simple guide will ensure that you pay for the best hair extensions for your needs and not in defective and flawed ones. Click on thin link to know more on various hair extensions.

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