A Simple and Quick Glance at FTA Receivers

By: Robert Thomson

Known as a special kind of satellite receiver that is developed to detect unencrypted signals from different satellite dishes, Free-to-Air (FTA) receiver has the capacity to receive data that follow MPEG-2 formats. Since this receiver was created for this sole purpose, FTA receiver does not have the capacity of decoding satellite transmissions from DirecTV and Dish Networks. However, this receiver has distinct functions that individuals may find useful and helpful when it comes to television and radio broadcasting.

Description of the Types of the Receivers

The most common type of FTA receiver looks like a typical hardware box and is similar with DirecTV receivers, as well as Dish Networks. Meanwhile, the other type of FTA receiver allows people to receive free-to-air satellite transmissions in their computer systems. By just looking at the appearance of FTA receivers, individuals can already determine its type.

Factors to Consider Before Using an FTA Receiver

Before purchasing and installing an FTA receiver there are some factors that people should first consider to assess the efficiency, reliability, and functionality of the equipment. For instance, it is best to know if the receiver that they like to install features an Electronic Program Guide. It is also advantageous if it has the capacity to zoom pictures. Additionally, people should also consider whether the receiver can decode picture-in-picture transmissions and if it features a Personal Video Recorder.

When it comes to radio frequencies, an FTA receiver must have the capacity to see and copy two differing channels at the same time. Moreover, people should also know if the receiver features interfaces for S-Video and Dolby Sony/Philips Digital Interconnect Format. In addition, this receiver should also feature Blind Search Power Scan to detect the different channels from a single satellite. Finally, it is advantageous if people choose FTA receivers that have On Screen Displays.

Popular Manufacturers of the Receivers

For those who have interest in purchasing FTA receivers they should buy from manufacturers that have good reputation in developing such equipment. Some of the best FTA receiver developers in the world are Pansat, Viewsat, and Fortec. Other manufacturers that also excel in creating such equipment are Coolsat, BlackBird, and Ariza. Consumers can also purchase receivers from UltraStar, Twinhan, and Digiwave.

Equipment That Can Be Added With the Satellite Receivers

To enhance the functionalities of FTA satellite receivers, people can add several advance equipment. For those who want to get transmissions that follow Ku-Band and C-Band format, they should equip the receivers with a satellite dish. On the other hand, they can also add Low Noise Blockers to improve the efficiency of the receivers. Meanwhile, for those who wish to get signals or frequencies from several satellites, they can also use antenna motors along with the receivers.

FTA receivers are very useful equipment for transferring audio and video signals. With these technologies, people will not be able to get important information from satellite dishes. Thus, to maximize the use of these receivers, it is necessary that people assess the special features before they purchase, install, and use them in their homes.

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