A Simple Approach to Restless Leg Syndrome

By: James Pendergraft

For a woman, there are a lot of possible ailments that one may contract due to the many forms of stress and tensions that they are exposed to. The most common of these are problems associated with the daily activities and they can hamper even the simplest of chores. One of these ailments is the restless leg syndrome. Although the term mentions only the legs, the ailment can also affect other body parts, although it is most inconvenient and most commonly observed affecting the legs.

What Is Restless Leg Syndrome?

Restless leg syndrome or RLS refers to a particular condition when the woman feels a strong and irresistible urge to keep one’s body in constant movement accompanied by odd sensations akin to burning or itchy sensations in the affected area. By moving the affected body part, a temporary relief is possible, although the sensation is bound to occur again later.

Treatment for Restless Leg Syndrome

How can RLS be countered? A simple approach to restless leg syndrome accounts more on the treatment of the problem because there is no known way to prevent the ailment from occurring. When treatment of RLS is considered, the following medications are recommended:

* Iron supplements. Although this is the most common medical measure used in treating the ailment, a woman should not just take iron supplements because others who have the same ailment are doing so. Experts advise that before taking any iron supplement, one should undergo testing of their ferritin level. This is because a lot of people who suffer from restless legs syndrome do not have low ferritin levels and encouraging them to take iron supplements may cause bodily disorders resulting from iron overload in the body and it may be a harbinger for fatal consequences. On the other hand, for those who have low ferritin levels, it is recommended upon the assessment of a doctor to increase the level. However, some who were subjected to taking iron supplements did not report any improvement in their condition – a reason why taking iron supplements is not considered the best choice for treating the disorder.

* Dopamine agonists. Dopamine agonists are drugs known to stimulate dopamine production in the body, which results to the patient having more “control” of the affected area. Dopamine agonists are the same drug used for treating patients affected with Parkinson’s disease. Although the drug shows some promise, it is not fully recommended by experts because it causes symptoms to worsen. Moreover, in some patients who took the drug, dopamine agonists causes side effects that includes the patient losing self esteem and being sluggish especially when the drug wears off.

Although a simple approach to restless leg syndrome may require medication sooner, experts suggest that the best solution is still to get some rest. For women, it is advised if one will sit rather than stand up while preparing dishes. In the same manner, any activity that can be performed sitting down will redound to the woman avoiding restless leg syndrome.

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