A SEO Company Molds the Site to Please the User

By: Gautam Punja

While optimizing a website, a SEO Firm has to do the dual job of pleasing the search engines and pleasing the customers who visit the site. A site has to be structured in such a way that the search engines are likely to pick it up whenever a customer makes a query about the product that the site is promoting. The main requirements for this are having the right keyword, developing quality web content, and connecting the site to other sites with good inbound links. A SEO Company invariably takes care of these requisites. For search engines to be favorably disposed towards a site, it has got to be easily scannable by search engine crawlers. A SEO Firm ensures this by keeping a text-based navigation menu that the bots can easily read, by providing a sitemap, by optimizing the images to reduce its size, etc.

While all these are absolutely necessary from the SEO point of view, it is as much important to ensure that the customer who visits the site finds it attractive. If the quality of the site is such that the customer chooses to leave posthaste rather than linger there, there is no point in keeping the site open at all. As such, while designing a website, a SEO Company takes utmost care to cater to every customer need. One of the main customer needs is access to quality information regarding the product. Since having quality content is mandatory for attracting search engines also, this is an aspect that would obviously be taken care of. But besides that, there are a couple of things that SEO experts do to make a customer happy inside a website.

A SEO Company designs the opening page of a website in such a way that a visitor easily gets an idea about what the site is offering. This may be done using text content, images, or a combination of both. Search engine bots are not able to read image-embedded text, but there is no harm in using it to convey information to site visitors, so far as there is enough textual information for search engine crawlers to use. In whatever combination that deems fit, SEO service providers ensure that at the entry point itself the potential customer gets a clear picture of what the site has to offer.

While it is important to have an effective opening page, your SEO Company will also see to it that the page is not a heavily ornate one that takes too much time to load. Good SEO experts design the site in such a way that the visitor is free to use and navigate through it on his own terms. They will see to it that just because the visitor has to provide his email id to create an account on the site, his inbox will not be cluttered with newsletters and other propaganda material. Though search engine robots cannot read a flash menu, many a SEO Company designs the site with flash menu since most human users like it. They generally do it by retaining a text menu for crawlers, besides the flash menu. Once a user realizes that a site is good, he will prefer to go straight to it instead of searching for the best site through search engines.


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