A Review of Efusjon From A Successful Impartial Marketer

By: Carin Davis

Efusjon is a company based in Bend, Oregon, who manufacture and distribute top quality energy drinks to distributers. As an MLM, every person you bring into the business bring in additional income for you. Since Efusjon's website says that the market for energy drinks is anticipated to grow to a $9.3 billion industry in 2011, the likelihood of additional cash is hopeful.

To start, here are the products. Efusjon drinks are free from methylxanthines, guarana, taurine, carnitine, creatine, glucuronolactone, caramel color, sodium citrate, and high amounts of sugar. As an alternative Efusjon's products are designed around the acai berry, a new buzz word in the diet and natural health industry.

The acai berry is being marketed as a super-food, full of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that healthy bodies need, all available in a single serving of this little, purple berry. With name such as Raw and Edge to appeal to those in active lifestyles or those who want an active lifestyle.

For themost part Efusjon's marketing plan is clear-cut. You spend $30.00 to get into the business, buy the products wholesale, and sell them at retail prices. Once you reach $120.00 of sales a month, recruit your customers to sell the products themselves. You get 4.25% of their sales as compensation for introducing them to the opportunity. As they build their down line, you can earn 4.25% commission, up to 15 levels deep.

So far that is fairly standard in the MLM industry. The confusing part is where you can earn the same 1.25% commissions from people that were recruited by others at the same level as you are, or even from people who came into the company before you. This overlap and where it comes from is a bit vague, and whether or not you will see any actual income from the community outside of your direct down line is extremely unclear.

Other than the community overlap confusion, Efusjon seems to have a great product, a good marketing plan, and the standard MLM compensation package, plus a possible addition. For the $30.00 fee to become a distributer, own your own business, and get started on a path that could bring you joy and cash, it could be worth a try.

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