A Review of Brian Garvin and Jeff West, Creators of MLMReviewKings.com

By: David Michael Wood

Who are Brian Garvin and Jeff West?

Brian Garvin and Jeff West are internet marketing experts who have a combined experience of more than 17 years in internet marketing, MLM, software development, and attraction marketing. They currently run an information based resource for people in the MLM profession called 'MLM Review Kings', where they systematically review companies, products, leaders, and systems that are used to varying levels of success in the Network Marketing world.

So what is the company that Brian Garvin and Jeff West promote?

Brian and Jeff both are successful MLM leaders promoting Trivita, which is an innovative opportunity that is built around the concept of combining traditional direct response marketing and television advertisements with MLM to create a synergistic concept they coined called 'co-operative marketing.'

In co-operative marketing, instead of having to get customers yourself, you simply purchase customers from the company, who acquires them through traditional advertising venues. The positives to this way of marketing is that your downline can essentially combine their efforts with a well established marketing company simply by paying a 'per customer' fee.

Of course, this is also the negative aspect - if you don't have money, there really aren't good systems in Trivita to get your own customers - since all of the other people in your upline are simply buying them from the company and focusing on recruiting.

So should you join Brian Garvin and Jeff West in their Trivita business?

I would encourage you to do your research before you make any decisions, but in the end it's up to you. One of the biggest benefits to Trivita is that it is completely one of a kind - in fact I've never even heard of an MLM company practicing co-operative marketing in the same way that this company operates.

I subscribed to the newsletter on MLMReviewKings.com over a year ago, and read a book written by Brian Garvin. Later that day, Brian called me up and we had a short, but interesting conversation about Trivita.

I got the distinct impression that Brian and Jeff are passionate, driven, and available to help and mentor their downline. So if you decide to participate in co-operative marketing with Trivita, definitely consider joining Brian and Jeff.

So should you get involved with Trivita?

Personally, I think it is more lucrative to be involved in a Network Marketing company where you don't have to continually buy customers to get to the top of the comp plan. Even though Trivita can be profitable, I feel that most people are better off in a more streamlined company where you can invest your money into marketing rather than just buying customers.

Network Marketing is not dead, and simply put, is the best way on earth to create a significant passive income. However, I would encourage you to do your own research, subscribe to Brian and Jeff's newsletter, and speak with them personally to get all of your questions answered. Network Marketing is a profession, and it takes hard work and education to succeed long term.

So what should you do next?

To be honest, it's more important to learn how to recruit and prospect in the twenty first century than it is to learn how to spot the right company - because you'll run into the same obstacles in Trivita that you will in the newest, greatest company.

Long term prosperity in this industry comes from leveraging your business through relationships, technology, and building it in a fun, attractive, simple way.

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