A Rash on Your Skin Might be a DANGER Sign of Yeast Infection

By: Linda Allen

Are irritations and rashes of your skin evidence that you have a yeast infection? Before discussing the link between those symptoms and candida infection, let's quickly look at what yeast infection is and how Candida infection can appear as common skin ailments, along with symptoms that are internal or external.

When your body is healthy, the bacteria in your intestines and your immune system cooperate to keep Candida in check. But if the beneficial bacteria disappear, if your body is under serious stress or if you eat a lot of fat food, which gives Candida the chance to over grow and infect, then this wrecks the balance with the beneficial microorganisms. Yeast is the scientific term for fungus that only has one cell. The type of yeast which is most often present in your body is called candida and the infections that can be caused by these yeast microbes are called candidiasis or yeast infections. Candida grows rapidly and becomes fungal when conditions allow. It then pierces the intestinal tissue to get into the bloodstream and to spread the yeast infection everywhere in the body.

The effect of candidiasis can be both local and systemic. Skin yeast infection which is also called candidal skin infection, is one of the types of yeast infection that is most often seen and it can appear almost anywhere. Some of the places where you might see it most are: beneath the arms; underneath the breasts; between toes; under the folds of skin of the abdomen if the person is overweight; and for example in the groin area.

For those people who do not have a strong immune system as for those who are under intense stress and all who persist in eating unhealthily (such as refined carbohydrates and yeasty foods that stimulate candida overgrowth) are the most at risk to yeast infection. Oral contraceptives, antibiotics and medications that impact the immune system, together with excessive intake of alcohol, caffeine, refined carbohydrates and other processed foods can also depress the level of beneficial bacteria, encourage Candida and therefore increase the chance of candidiasis. Just for good measure, skin infection due to Candida on the toes may be linked with shoes that are tight fitting or closed-toe and very often afflicts those who participate in sports.

Local symptoms may also act in parallel with inner problems on a mental or emotional level when the yeast infection is severe. Symptoms will include digestive problems, bad breath, gas and bloating of the intestines, vision problems, abnormal desire for sugar, strange modifications in mood without warning, and tiredness. You need to recognize these kinds of symptoms if you want to make a good self-diagnosis of Candida and skin infection that is due to yeast. Typical local infections will include a rash which is brown or red in color and which can ooze. There may also be maceration or cracking of the skin or wetness and soreness in skin folds. All of this can be accompanied by pain burning and itching sensations in the affected areas and the onset of papules and pustules.

Yeast infections are the results of internal factors more than external and therefore if you want to cure Candida overgrowth and related symptoms, you need to do more than just treat the visible external manifestation. You cannot neglect the underlying causes. If the underlying reasons that provoked the yeast infection are not tackled, the disease can increase in severity and provoke further symptoms that degenerate even more. Although for years people thought that yeast infections of the skin were all local and could be effectively cured by topical medications, scientific information now shows us otherwise. However doctors persist in treating skin candidiasis with topical anti-fungal creams.

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