A Quick Introduction to Angel Chi Art

By: Gen Wright

An angel exists in the spiritual realm. Not everybody sees them but psychics and highly sensitive or religious people often claim that they exist. They believe that angels are around us, and their duty on this earth is to protect and heal us on the physical plane.

In many instances, they are described as entities that look nothing like us. Depending on their goal and purpose on this plane, they exude different types of energy. They can be male or female, and sometimes, they can be genderless. Some Angels appear to have wings. Others appear to have a human form or as an animal spirit.

The problem is, people who claim that they can see or get in touch with angels can't really share their visions with the rest of the world. After all, these images exist in their minds. They can feel the energies of the angels, but until they find a way to manifest their thoughts in the physical plane, the angels only exist to them.

In striving to help others with getting in touch with angels, some turn to art to describe what their experience. This painting process is also known as the "birth process". During the process, the artist will try to get out of the way and let her intuition take over. If the artist so much as interferes with her thoughts or emotions, the painting will come out wrong. How to know if a painting comes out wrong? The artist will know. It just didn't feel right.

There are different names given to the different angels - Essential Being, Angel of Fire, Angel of Balance and Well Being, Soul Blending, Grandmother Earth, Bear Wisdom, and many more. Each angel serves a specific purpose. For example, the Angel of Fire can help re-ignite your passion, and fill you with love, warmth and joy.

These images are captured in the paintings. This grounds the Chi energies of the Angels in the Earth plane through canvas and paint. Now there is a way for everyone to get in touch with these angels. The paintings thus become spiritual artifacts which people can focus their attention on while they meditate and heal. The paintings are colorful and descriptive. So they help in the visualization process. Many people have claimed that they have benefited from these paintings.

But painting is just one way of sharing visual images. Besides, not everyone wants the presence of a spiritual angel painting in their home. Fortunately, there are other artifacts that perform the same function. These can be in the form of every day items like cups, T-shirts, and so on. In the presence of these images, one can easily connect their conscious and subconscious mind and benefit from these angel's chi (energy).

Finally, your choice of angel chi art depends on the problems that you are currently facing. For example, are you in financial troubles? Or do you need help with your relationships? If you need help with your finances, fill yourself with lots of positive energy from the Abundance For All angel. If you need help with relationships, you may need to be closer with the Soul Blending angel. Whatever your worries, worry no more - for angels are here to help you overcome them.

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