A Plan for Wheat Gluten Allergy Vegetarians - For a Healthier You

By: Andrew Maule

For those with celiac disease, a healthy diet can be very difficult to manage. If you have celiac disease you have problems with any foods that contain glutens, this includes grains such as wheat, oats and barley. If you are using a vegetarian diet you now need a plan for wheat gluten allergy vegetarians. With true celiac disease, if these products are in your meal plan, you risk serious health complications. Some people have gluten allergies or have an intolerance to these foods, which while not life threatening can still cause discomfort and symptoms such as skin rashes, nausea and bloating.

Glutens are in so any of the products that are available, even in health food stores, that you have to use due diligence to adhere to a wheat gluten allergy vegetariansí diet. While this is not an easy task, it can be done if you are careful to look at the listed ingredients. Stay away from modified food starches, binders hydrolyzed vegetable proteins and malt.

A gluten free diet is restrictive at best, but when you try to incorporate that with the further restrictions of a vegetarian diet then you are surely having some difficulty with meal planning. There is an increasing request being brought forth for foods to be made that are also offered that are gluten free and this is helping with awareness of the problem. More health food stores are now able to stock products that are being made with rice, which is acceptable on a wheat gluten allergy vegetariansí diet.

Vegetarian diets ordinarily are composed of many products and foods that have glutens in their ingredients. A surprising thing is that even people with celiac disease are often able to tolerate one or two of the glutens, but for safety it is best to try and restrict them totally.

Some of the products you can substitute and use safely on a gluten free vegan diet are rice and corn pastas and noodles, tempeh, quinoa or millet, grits, arrowroot, rice flour and corn meal.

A unique vegetarian gluten free diet.

You should use care when trying to establish a vegetarian gluten free diet. You can do this and you will be able to follow it if you exert caution in selecting your food choices and you also pay attention to how nutritionally sound your diet is. Some people do not think that you will have enough choices on this type of diet, but you actually can incorporate a variety of food products into your meal plans.

Most vegetarians choose their diets for personal reasons but a vegetarian gluten free diet is usually chosen because of health issues. People with celiac disease can have life threatening health issues if they ingest products which contain any gluten. Other people find that they have sensitivities or intolerance to gluten products and they feel better and are healthier when they avoid these products altogether. It is difficult to try and find a happy combination of the vegan and the gluten free diets but it can be accomplished.

A vegetarian gluten free diet is a good way of even temporarily letting your body have a rest from over processed foods. If you have celiac disease or are gluten intolerant, and have already been used to a vegetarian diet you may find that the changes you make may not be as restrictive as you feared.

For vegetarians they may still use dairy products such as eggs, milk cream, butter, and other soya products. You will have to avoid many yogurts and even some of the cheese that comes in spreadable form. You must avoid beers and other drinks that contain barleys and malts. Tea, coffee and many fruit drinks are fine. Nuts and other whole seeds remain perfectly within the parameters called for by a vegetarian gluten free diet. You should stay away from any baked products which contain any wheat, rye, wheat bran, semolina or rye. It will be okay to use products that contain arrowroot, corn flour, rice flour, soya flour or tapioca. Fruits and vegetables are gluten free. Most jelly, jams, sugar honey and chocolate are acceptable. You should still pay careful attention to all ingredients.

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