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Replace Lost or Damaged P60

The p60 is the year end certificate that shows all the taxes that you have paid within the year. It issued by your employer as a proof of payment for all the taxes. This is very important in bank transaction especially if you are getting a loan. The rule of thumb is, save all your documents within five years of issuance in case you will need it transactions. But not everybody can be as organized and as vigilant in filing their documents. So what will happen if you lose yours and you need it for documentation?

The bad news is that your employer cannot replace your lost P60 because once they have issued you for one, and they cannot duplicate the form given because they have already sent the tax office copy of your P60. So you may think that the tax office can give you a copy without any problem they are the government so they should be authorized to do this. But no, even he staff in local tax offices cannot get their hands on this information. The form is stored in a centralized storage that no staff can access. Your only chance of getting a copy of by physically going through each and every form in the storage -- even thinking about it is a waste of time.

The good news is that online companies are offering computer-generated forms that can replace your lost or damage P60 forms. The forms are not your handwritten replicas that are denied by your banks. These P60s are printed in an Inland Revenue Approved form that is accepted by banks and other institutions that you need to use your document for. Your employer can supply you with a letter stating that you have paid you taxes and that your salary is of specific amount but I doubt if that would hold in bank loans and credit institutions. You need the authentic P60 for your proof and online companies are offering these for a minimal amount.

The free salary calculator can help you with the process. If you cannot figure out how much should be in your P60, you can use the free salary calculator to get the accurate and correct amount to be paid for your taxes, insurance and your net income. Knowing these details could also help you in knowing if you employer is indeed only deducting what is necessary and if you P60 contains correct values.

Losing your P60 is not a problem anymore; you can order online and expect your form to be at your doorstep after just three days after you have submitted your order. You can opt for a faster delivery for an additional fee; this is great for those taxpayers that need the document immediately. After ordering, your details will be removed from their system to ensure privacy and security of your personal information. So replacing your P60 online is not just easy but also confidential to protect you private files. So goodbye folder and fastener and say hello to your computer-generated replacement forms.

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