A Outline of Different Golf Club Components

By: Paul J James

A golf club is made up of many golf club components and each one is an advancement of modern science that has changed the game for the better. Here is the outline of the different types and some short information on how it effects the game.

1. The Club Head

The head of the golf club is the area at the bottom of the club. This is the surface that contacts with the ball and passes the motion of the player's swing into the energy and lift into the ball. The wooden head is very large and can seem odd shaped. It is largely designed for maximum power and distance.

The golf club head is the component that makes contact with the ball. It has a large flat surface which is the area the ball is expected to contact on, and often has a large wooden area behind the shaft. The other kind of head is the iron and has a more angled area, but is a thing solid piece of metal designed to lift the ball.

2. The Shaft

There are two types of the golf club component known as the shaft. The metallic looking shaft is referred to as a metal shaft and the black looking one is a graphite shaft.

The metal shaft is usually very stiff and some players believe this allows them more control The graphite shaft flexes more during the swing and this can give some more skilled golfers better distance on their shots and possibility more accuracy.

There is traditionally more metal shafts based clubs than graphite versions available, out there. As the advances in technology lower the costs, and players try the graphite shaft it becomes and more popular. I think we can see less metal versions in the future.

3. The Golf club Grip

At the top of the shaft where you hand on to the club, has a grip. The grip has not changed for many years. It has traditionally been a simple rubber grip pieced with small holes to allow it to breath.

With any grip, as soon as it becomes worn smooth it needs to be replaced to ensure you have a good hold on the club, for safety.

The golf components are simple overall. At the same time advances in technology and design for those who have a passion for the game, will bring need materials and design versions to be tested by the pros and hopefully result in an improved more enjoyable game.

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