A No Non-Sense Loan Modification Guide

By: Bill Gatton

Homeowners benefit from loan modification, but many do not understand it which is why many associations have developed a loan modification guide. With this type of modification to loans homeowners are going to benefit from a lower monthly payment and an extended loan period to help them meet their payments instead of hitting default.

With the many homeowners all across the United States hitting a stop financially many are in the midst of loosing their homes through foreclosure. Many mortgage bureaus are now offering loan modifications to many homeowners to help them through these rough times, but not everyone can successfully receive a loan modification.

When someone is being considered for a loan modification the mortgage broker will calculate what the homeowner’s monthly income is and then multiple it by the housing to income ratio. They will then minus out the amount the homeowner is charged for taxes and insurance. Once this amount is determined the homeowner will know how much they make each month.

For those involved in a loan modification they’ll quickly see the benefits for both themselves, the homeowners, and as well as the lenders. When a lender can approve a homeowner for a loan modification they’ll have the chance to avoid foreclosure which doesn’t do them any good in the end.

Lenders want to have the opportunity to keep the homeowners in their homes which is why a loan modification has been brought about. Each state will have their own rules and regulations so you need to make yourself aware of these before you go through the process of applying.

For homeowners wanting to take advantage of the loan modification offer they’ll really need to develop a good understanding of it which is why many associations offer a guide through loan modification.

There are several methods you can go about getting a loan modification, but it is highly advised to go through your mortgage company as they’ll know your background already and you’ll be able to avoid transferring your mortgage over to another company.

Become informed before you apply and read through the many loan modification guide books that have been made available all across the United States. These books will not only help you get a grasp on the information but all the forms and papers that you’ll be filling out, but it will make the entire process much easier for all parties involved including you the homeowner.

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