A New Dimension in Education and Private Tutoring

By: Gorm Ekker

It is well said that a good teacher can be like a candle, it consumes itself to light the way for others who really need it. From a great philosopher to a small kid anyone can be a teacher, if you are considering a teacher according to his qualification you are going wrong. The good teacher explains, demonstrates and inspires in a better way. Inspiration never asks for age, gender, caste, colour, species, living or non-living anything. Even a small ant can inspire you.

So that was ancient time, but the meaning of teacher has completely transformed today. With the advancement in education today a student cannot rely on a single teacher, earlier science was taught by a single teacher, but now due to advancement in the field we have several teachers for it.

Now those are considered as good teacher who makes you to get 80% marks in the exams whether or not you really understand what is inside it. If a teacher is having a bulk of students he is considered special without knowing his/her teaching skills. Another dimension in teaching is the concept of private tutoring in which a teacher focuses on a single student. Not only just rich, moderate income parents are also queuing up for this, spending $1000 a week. Also, studies have shown that private tutoring helps in comfortably moving up a student one and a half grades. Parents are ready to spend more on revision courses or intensive study workshop to give their child what they call a competitive edge.

If you really think that your child is weak or falling behind than other classmates then be sure that there is something fishy which you need to resolve very soon. Also, it is not necessary, you need private teaching service only if your child is weak, even to groom your child and provide them an assistance so that they can take their learning to the another level will be a very good idea. So having private tuition is not bad at all.

Here, we are going to discuss the pros of this new dimension-

- They work according to the pace of a child. This is the most important reason for opting a private tutor; children slow in learning mostly seek for private studies.
- According to his student a tutor creates the study material and gives much needed homework.
- Study help is also a key aspect in hiring a tutor.
- A private tutor sets goals and objectives which help in building core.
- He can work on special obstacles for a student.
- Also, it saves much time in travelling.

All these benefits really one can have for his/her children.

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