A More Mobile Future? Internet Marketing Trends

By: Ava Matthews

In the world of Internet marketing, there will always be new innovations or advances that drive the business forward.

Moving like an unstoppable train, it can seem hard to keep up with it at times, but like any good action hero, eventually you'll get to grips with the situation, just in time for an inevitable sequel to put you into a perilous situation once again. Anyone in the Internet marketing world knows that that is just the nature of the beast.

Mobile Internet Marketing

Mobile looks to be more and prominent each year and with predictions that the number of smart devices will outnumber the number of humans on the planet, it is not difficult to see why.

Furthermore, with Google developing systems such as the enhanced campaigns, PPC has changed somewhat as the new service has provided the opportunity to target separate devices from within the same campaign.

Tablets and smartphones are becoming more and more popular and the year of the mobile has been touted for a number of years now, but it does indeed seem to finally be the case. Whether it is through optimisation for mobile, or for a tablet, making content mobile friendly is a very important Internet marketing trend from here on in.

Content is The Don

Another on-going trend in terms of Internet marketing is the push for new fresh content. Google continues to target spam or poor content through various algorithms such as Panda and Penguin - with Penguin targeting the issue of spammy links and Panda being focussed on dodgy content - and it does not look like holding up any time soon.

In Internet marketing terms, content is vital. Whether it be through blogs, regular site updates or content marketing using videos and other such tactics. Cheap Internet marketing tactics no longer are the way to get forward in terms of SEO, instead, content is vital.

A Nice Picture and Your Name in Blue Text

Tying into this is the issue Google Authorship. Eric Schmidt, one of the Google big wigs instrumental in its rise to where it is today, has been as bold as to suggest that without Google Authorship, content could be well and truly irrelevant in terms of ranking. Of course whether that truly holds water is something that will only emerge as we move more and more into the future, but as Internet marketing trends go, when it comes from the mouth of one of the heads of the biggest search engine in the world, it is well worth listening.

SEO Ain't Dead

Rumours of SEO's demise have been a long standing issue when it comes to Internet marketing and year on year it has been proved unsubstantiated and greatly exaggerated; with SEO happily jumping around and blowing raspberries at the naysayers. In terms of Internet marketing, SEO may have to adapt to survive, like the grizzled action heroes of yesteryear, but it continues to do so admirably and various SEO techniques will remain essential for generating business online.

Internet marketing is constantly changing and if you want to be the one delivering a cheesy one liner as you prove to be the only one able to tackle such a beast, then it is important to keep on top of the trends, not just year on year, but month on month and even day by day.

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Online marketing is an ever changing beast. This article discusses the importance of keeping on top of Internet marketing trends.

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