A Marriage Counseling Alternative

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In view of the storms facing marriages today, will your marriage stand up and survive? What steps can be taken to strengthen a marriage on the rocks? Discover what MARRIAGE COUNSELING is, and at the same time learn about an alternative to MARRIAGE COUNSELING that is helping many families get back on track!


If you are in this situation or something similar, marriage counseling may be able to help. By bringing in a third party to oversee discussions, you and your partner can get down to the cause of the problems and begin finding solutions to them. This is highly useful, as many problems with marriage is simply a breakdown in communication. The first step in salvaging a marriage is to talk. Talking sometimes requires a third person to make certain that it does not boil down into yet another fight.

MARRIAGE COUNSELING is usually done in the office of the counselor. Sessions may last one hour, or several hours depending on the couple. When you first enter marriage counseling, the counselor will begin by speaking to both marriage mates in view to finding out what they perceive is the problem. Often, what is perceived as the problem(s) is not actually at the heart of the situation. Counselors are trained in finding out what the actual issues are, and they can help mediate discussions and find solutions to those problems. A good marriage counselor will focus on the main issues rather than the small problems that tipped the scales.

Pros and Cons Of Marriage Counseling:

When you are entering MARRIAGE COUNSELING, you should be prepared to answer difficult and personal questions. Without this information, the counselor will not be able to help you resolve your difficulties. These questions can be from personal habits to sex, as well as your likes and dislikes. A good counselor will promise confidentiality, meaning that the information divulged will be kept between you, your partner and the marriage counselor.

While MARRIAGE COUNSELING can offer hope, it does not always work. In order to be successful, both individuals must be willing to make the relationship work. If only one wants the marriage to succeed, it is doomed to failure. Before you begin marriage counseling, you should ask your partner if they are willing to try to work at saving the marriage.

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An Alternative To Marriage Counseling:

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