A Low Cholesterol Diet Doesn't Have to be Low Taste

By: Kenn Fong

When I came back from the doctor and told my wife that my cholesterol levels were too high she got scared. She made a decision that we would both change our diets immediately. She banished pizza, potato chips and all manner of greasy foods from our home. I told her that I was willing to give up some things, but we were not going to spend our Golden Years gnawing on cardboard. She started looking around and finally came up with a diet that would help me and still provide enjoyment.

As much faith as I have in her cooking, I was doubtful that she'd be able to pull this feat off. I resigned myself to the fact that my days of leaving the dinner table feeling sated and content were over. Let me tell you, I was wrong. The meals she came up with did not leave a hole, they illustrated how limited our palette had been.

Fresh fruits and vegetables have been incorporated into almost every meal and snack we have. Salt is no longer allowed in our house, we have discovered the power of fresh herbs and spices. This gives each meal a distinctive flair that had been lacking for so long. Juices have taken precedence over coffee during the day. Where I used to reach for sweets, now I grab carrot sticks or slivers of celery. At dinner steamed vegetables, still crisp enough to provide a satisfying snap, sit beside grilled chicken and colourful wild rice. Beef, especially ground beef, has largely been replaced with fish, chicken and turkey, giving us a lot more options for dinners than we previously had.

My wife became so skilled at these new dishes that our dinner parties became the talk of the town. Our friends would often tell her that she was a better chef than the people working in $100-a-plate establishments. During the summer months, I get to try my hand out on the barbecue. Sausages, hot dogs and burgers that are made with chicken or turkey just beg for you to find interesting new condiments to combine them with. If you haven't tried it yet, I recommend you try at least one turkey guacamole burger.

The doctor is constantly commending me for sticking to my diet for so long (over two years last month). I just laugh, and tell him I'm eating better than I ever have before. I no longer have high cholesterol, and I've gotten rid of my spare tire. On top of that I have more energy than a lot of men 20 years younger than me.

I hope that after reading this you know that you do not have to sacrifice taste to remain healthy.

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