A Look at Today's Female Fitness

By: Robert Thomson

Go to any gym and there will be as many women as men working out and getting fit. It used to be that women took aerobic classes and men were in the weight room, but now women are side-by-side with men in the weight room lifting significant weights. Female fitness is big business.

Female Fitness

Women of all ages and sizes are realizing the benefits of getting into shape and staying in shape. Physicians are recommending weight bearing exercises for women of all ages. Older women who engage in weight bearing fitness routines experience fewer problems with osteoporosis and other problems related to thinning bones and muscles. Women with arthritis are instructed to take Pilates and yoga classes to stretch and strengthen their aching joints. Even pregnant women are told to not stop their exercise routines during the pregnancy, just to use caution and common sense when working out.

Females are engaging in kick boxing classes as well as aerobic classes. Regular boxing classes are becoming very popular workouts for women. Women feel empowered and in control when taking boxing and self-defense training. Tai Chi routines are calming and focused, but women also like to take karate classes and work towards earning their black belts.

Female Fitness Competition

Female fitness competitions are also growing. Many people think of body building as developing large muscles. Women do compete in body building competitions as vigorously as men, and take it as seriously. However, for the women who like to sculpt their bodies but not develop bulging muscles, there are fitness competitions that focus on muscle tone, leanness with good definition, symmetry and flexibility.

Competitors are judged on their fit physiques. It is not a beauty contest. There are specific moves the female fitness competitor must perform to showcase their muscles. The competitors are even judged on their stage walk. Judges look for signs of strength training and defined abdomen muscles and lined quadriceps.

Many women prefer female fitness training compared to body building, as they can still display their muscles and toned bodies without having to bulk-up with muscles. Since flexibility is also a part of the competition the women develop dance and movement routines that display their muscles in a feminine way.

Female fitness competitions are serious business for competitors. They hire fitness coaches, dance instructors, purchase appropriate clothing, and spend as much time on their craft as body-builders.

Staying in Shape

There are many ways a woman who just wants to stay in shape can partake in female fitness exercises. Zumba classes provide a great workout while having fun dancing and moving the entire body. Hula-hoop classes are a great way to tone the body’s core and slim the waist. Nia classes blend yoga, martial arts and dance into a holistic workout that is mental as well as physical. Cycling classes are a great workout and boot-camp programs are challenging for both men and women.

In other words, there is a fitness class that will suit any person’s exercise needs. Being fit is not just lifting weights; it is fun as well as healthy.

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