A Logical Defense of Beef and a Great Recipe Too!

By: rwakefield

Amongst the western world's most popular meats is beef, and long may it continue.

In times of late, we have listened to a lot of controversy on the question of whether beef is a great food safe for everyone, or a real problem food to be shunned as much as possible.

As if that wasn't confusing enough, even in academia, there are differing opinions, but during the course of this article we will provide some practical factual tips on beef, dispense with many wellknown fallacies and offer you all the relevant information required to decide for yourself.

First, here is a tasty recipe that you can easily cook for your family and friends.

This is a flavorful recipe for 'macaroni and beef chili'. It is easy to make and is a good and cheap meal for a family with lots of children.

Recipe ingredients:
Macaroni - uncooked : 1 cup
Low fat Minced Beef : half a pound
Powdered garlic : one half tsp
Hot chili Powder : one teaspoon
Salt : 1 pinch (to taste)
Ground black pepper : 1 sm. pinch
Good quality tomato soup : 1 Tin
Cheddar cheese : one ounce (finely grated)

Recipe method:
Bring a large pan of water to the boil put the macaroni into the water, and cook for 7 minutes approximately.
Brown meat in another large saucepan and very carefully pour away any fat that has appeared.
Stir in the garlic, chili powder, salt and pepper and then stir until well mixed.
Turn the heat to low and cook gently for approximately five mins.
Add the macaroni and tomato soup, and increase the heat.
Cook for a an additional few minutes until soup and macaroni are heated through.

Once it is ready add the cheese, and heat briskly till it has melted.

Transfer into bowls and serve with nachos.

This is a useful recipe to cook in bulk as excess quantity can be safely kept in the refrigerator and reheated the day after.
You could also leave the cheese out and freeze portions for later. Simply add the cheese just before you finally serve the recipe.

Now you have a tasty beef recipe here are a few scientific nutritional facts:

1/. Even a 80 gram serving of beef can yield more than ten percent of ones necessary daily value of vitamin b6, protein, vitamin b12, zinc and iron.

2/. Some folk adhere to the theory that you should abstain from beef as they think it contains increased levels of fat. Even though this might have been true a few years ago, beef sold at the moment is noticeably lower in fat than it once was, and it should be noted that well over fifty percent of the fats present in today's beef are monounsaturated fats which are widely considered to be more 'heart friendly' than other fats.

3/. Many people believe that people on a diet must not buy beef. If they did any research, they would soon see that this is not the case, in reality the 80g offering of lean beef that many experts favor as a sensible daily limit, is in actuality only 10% of the usual two thousand calories daily limit.

4/. Quality beef is rich in Vitamin b12 and vitamin b6, which are believed by many to assist in preventing heart attacks and strokes and also help the body to produce haematids.

5/. The zinc that is in beef is imperative for normal growth, strengthens the immune defense system, helps heal wounds, controls food cravings and can affect your ability to experience flavours.

6/. If you take a look at it clearly, beef is virtually as beneficial as expensive multivitamin supplements as it is a superb source of niacin, phosphorus, vitamin b6, protein and vitamin b12.

7/. Taking the uncooked weight,, 100 grams of beef provides:

* approximately 200 kcal
* 3.8mg of Zinc.
* 20.71g of Protein.
* zero grams of Vitamin C.

I hope this article has given you a better comprehension of the good and bad aspects of consuming beef, and also given you a really tasty new recipe for your recipe collection.

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Rog Wakefield is an author and copywriter who provides food & diet information for Recipes 4U,(www.recipes-4u.co.uk), which has more than 40,000 recipes with specific recipe sections for Beef Recipes and Salad Recipes and many, many more.

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