A Hot Ghetto Mess: Escaping the hood

By: Mario Ford

I’m writing this with a little love and a lot of humor. And while many us who can relate to a hood lifestyle find the word “Ghetto” to be fun. There are thousands of us who struggle day by day thinking how do I get out this lifestyle. Many want big houses, vacation, great friends and freedom. Some just would like to give their children more. But day by day it seems like some twisted fantasy that never happens.
First let me say it is not the people in the ghetto or hood that make it bad. It’s the energy and thoughts that live generation after generation. And even if you’re a hardworking individual in the hood/ ghetto your thoughts and energy help create the mess.
Let me explain…
If some commits a crime, and people turn away, They all create an environment where crime CAN exist. That attracts more criminals, criminals create dishonesty, attract the law, police, etc
I think you get where I’m going .
Whats worst is generation after generation some people remain in these conditions. Knowing the dreams will never get a chance to fly in this environment.
I believe we remain in these environments out of tradition and others. Most Of the environment provide little happiness or future.
And most might argue escaping the hood requires:
Money and resources
I believe you must start where you’re at, whatever resources you have. You must start
Secondly Change your view of yourself and world you live in. To get something different you have to think something different. Here are three things you must consider to escape the lifestyle.

Value your life
I am so amazed how individuals spent 3 hours waxing a car, and then parking it in a safe place. Yet they take their very own body and pay rent in high crime areas all to save $100. Your life is worth more. Do not undervalue your life to save $100. You are worth more.
Understand you are not your parents

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Mario Ford is a success coach, author, and marketer . Mario is the owner of Life Branding. Life Branding assist people in creating a compelling life through the pursuing their passion.

Pursuing Your Passion And Avoid the Mistakes Of Life.

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