A High Chair For Your Child

By: Ned Best

A high chair will in all likelihood be among the initial purchases you make for your newborn baby. With numerous alternatives available it can be hard to make up your mind. There are some things however that you absolutely must have.

If your high chair is unstable, it is not worth having. Babies can be quite active at the age when you put them in a high chair. You've likely seen horror stories of kids who have become hurt because they tipped their high chair. A larger base means that you will probably have a more stable chair. You actually can't have a chair with its legs extended right out to totally eliminate the danger of toppling over, but it should be moderately wide. There are ways of lowering the high chair's center of gravity, which will increase stableness. You will see virtually all restaurant high chairs are nothing fancy but incredibly stable.Nevertheless never leave your child unsupervised in any high chair no matter how stable it might be.

Surely you don't want your youngster sliding out of the seat. That's why whatever baby high chair you get should have safety straps. Two restraints are crucial. A crotch restraint and one around the waist. It would be even better if it has upper body restraints. A terrible safety choice would be a chair that doesn't have straps, but relies simply on a soft bar or tray to prevent the youngster from slipping. If you love antiques, you'll notice numerous antique high chairs do ont have these restraints. Don't let that stop you from purchasing the chair you want, just be sure to add the straps afterwards. There are kits to do this.

Simpleness of cleaning should be second on your list following safety. There is no denying that children can genuinely make some large messes. Search for padding or cushioning that is machine washable. You will thank us later.

Detachable toys are very helpful in preventing the child from becoming bored and fussy. Just make certain the playthings are safe. That means no pointed corners or edges and virtually unbreakable. Babies want to taste-test everything they can set their little hands on. The last thing you want is a plaything that might make your baby ill.

There are numerous other features available on high chairs, some of which are definitely worth considering. Standard high chairs which call for all your attention and both hands to detach the front rest are no good. Coping with a squirming, struggling bundle of joy while trying to get your child in or out of the chair and needing to work a complicated front rest release mechanism at the same time is a sport worthy of being included in the next Olympics! Purchase a high chair which has a quick-release front rest. If you want your infant to sit with you at mealtimes, then another feature to look at is a reclining seat. Chairs that can convert heights to align to the table size are also nice. For simple cleanup, a chair that has a tray that is dishwashing machine safe is a major advantage. And it won't cost much if you know where to look for discount high chairs.

Still, the important features are safety and cleanliness. Without these necessities you should not even consider buying the chair. Nearly all better brands like Fisher Price high chairs will have these characteristics. Look at your budget and how the chair will be used before deciding on the optional features. Just remember you also desire something that is long lasting. You might just have some additional kids in a few years, and you don't need to go through the ordeal of purchasing another chair.

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