A Guide to Pelvic Health in Women

By: James Pendergraft

A woman’s pelvic area is the region where her reproductive organs are located. This is not to say that a woman will not be complete if her pelvic health hangs in the balance. This indicates that when something is wrong with her pelvic area, her ability to conceive, as well as all other functions where the pelvic region is involved, may be affected.

The pelvis is a system of bones found in the hip area of humans. This cluster of bones supports the reproductive system, the kidneys, as well as other nearby systems. The proximity of the pelvis to various systems in the body makes it very vital not only for reproduction but for a woman’s general health as well.

A woman’s pelvis is a very delicate part of her body. This is because the pelvis has to contend with two conflicting requirements: how the pelvis can expand during pregnancy and childbirth and how it can do this without affecting the woman’s mobility.

What Can Go Wrong with a Woman’s Pelvis?

Essentially, the ailments that beset a woman’s pelvis are mainly due to hernia or the protruding of certain organs that affect other parts of the pelvis. The protruding of the organs is mainly due to the weakness of the surrounding tissues. A common feature in most pelvic health disorders is the presence of pain and a sensation of heaviness in the pelvic area.

What to Do to Maintain Pelvic Health?

Any ailment in the pelvic area can interfere during pregnancy, especially during delivery. As such, a main consideration is to always try to eliminate pelvic disorders. However, because of the expensive nature of surgical operations to treat pelvic disorders, the focus has now shifted toward prevention.

The following are known preventive measures that can keep a woman’s pelvic area in a healthy condition.

1) Refrain from smoking and drinking. Researches indicate that vices such as smoking and drinking can contribute to the incidence of having pelvic disorders. As such, it will be best to avoid them.

2) Avoid eating carcinogenic foods. Most carcinogenic foods are those that are grilled foods, foods cooked in oil, or fatty foods. Limit your intake of these foods for healthy pelvic bones. If eating them cannot be totally avoided, try to keep them in minute quantities.

3) Flush out toxins in the body by taking a huge amount of soluble fibers. Soluble fibers are nature’s sweepers. If a body has sufficient intake of it, the body can immediately expel wastes, which may otherwise promote the abnormal growth of tissues.

4) Make sure to consume a fresh supply of vegetables and fruits. This will provide nourishments for the body, which will keep the immune system strong as well as strengthening muscles in the pelvic area.

5) Exercise. There are simple exercises that a woman can do with ease to strengthen her pelvis muscles. One exercise is to lie down and to try to coax the abdominal muscles to draw in or out.

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